We finally saw Fahrenheit 9/11

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  • L_A_Big_Dawg

    Patio said:

    But I'm not here to argue with people like you.

    Funny, I had the exact same thing told to me by a J-Dub yesterday, after I attempted to show him the proof of the WTS belonging to the UN.


    Also Patio, if you don't want to argue "with people like" me, then here is a simple remedy. Don't respond to what I post. My, my, my what a simple idea for you "intelectually superior" liberals.

  • Yerusalyim

    Republicans for Kerry Bumper stickers,

    I'm familiar with those, produced by the Kerry campaign and passed out to Kerry supporters whose Republican credentials can not be checked. I've not yet met a Republican that is voting for Kerry.

  • bikerchic

    Well I just saw the movie and was impressed. Do I buy it all, no but it has got me thinking and as an 50+ year old citizen who has never voted or had political inclinations due to being in a cult that discouraged it..........well my voice won't be silenced any longer, nor my vote.

    That IMHO is what it's all about, getting involved, and if Michael Moore does nothing else I hope it gets us all thinking and off our butts doing something whatever that may be.


  • Crazy151drinker

    Well, I just got back from seeing 'JKF' and it was very moving and thought provoking.

    The mentality of those who defend JFK is, to me, mind bogling and astounding. We see them on here all the time, the name callers, the mud slingers, the pseudo-experts always ready to copy and paste articles from equally narrow-minded non-thinking zealots as themselves. I wonder at their humanity and lack of feeling and empathy for the inhuman suffering that they so gleefully cheer on.

    JFK was an evil, disgusting, inhuman fool who surrounds himself with villains, crooks and murderers. What a crowd they make. All in it for MONEY.

    He was everything that is bad about America and it is to America's shame that he represented you. At least he wasn't elected though and we do not judge you from what he does.

    I am sickened, disgusted and angry at why my country and our leaders have done, in our name.

    Gee whiz Simon, that litte rant could describe every politician on earth. *boring*

    You might as well have said "The Royal Familiy", but then again we KNOW they are a bunch of murderers.

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