We finally saw Fahrenheit 9/11

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  • Mulan
    Roaring economy? Are you smoking crack Yeru? People who made $25 an hour are accepting jobs that pay $12 an hour and so they count as having found work....

    I must agree. The economy in our area certainly isn't booming.

    I wonder if everyone would be as against MIchael Moore if he was a well built, not overweight, handsome well groomed man. I think he is unpleasant to look at but he is a very talented filmmaker.

    There is a reason he won the highest award at the Cannes Film Festival.

  • Cassiline

    I think that Moore should do a movie on Kerry and his blantant lies and inconsistencies. I'm tired of hearing about Bush when those who oppose Bush have every right to do so, yet ignore a man who lied about so much. POW's, massacars, had Robert F Kennedy speech writer do his speech before congress for him. Supported communisum etc. Published a book with a cover that trivializes Marines raising the flag on Iwo Jima after its capture from the Japanese during World War II by holding the flag up side down. His medals he 'threw away' goes on and on.

    Anyone who does not like someone is quick to point out and find fault and can do so, but can we please stop with the Kerry is so much better? He is just as bad supporting this War in Iraq when he himself from the above book ( he WROTE) KNEW the atrocities of war and what would happen to our soldiers, allies and to those Iraqis who lost their lives as well.

    We will not quickly join those who march on Veterans' Day waving small flags, calling to memory those thousands who died for the "greater glory of the United States." We will not accept the rhetoric. We will not readily join the American Legion and the Veterans of Foreign Wars -- in fact, we will find it hard to join anything at all and when we do, we will demand relevancy such as other organizations have recently been unable to provide. We will not take solace from the creation of monuments or the naming of parks after a select few of the thousands of dead Americans and Vietnamese. We will not uphold traditions which decorously memorialize that which was base and grim.

    -- John Kerry, in "The New Soldier"

    He states the above BUT goes onto film a 'spot' for polotical purposes when running for Senate in front of the Vietnam Memorial to pull at the heart string of Americans.

    I understand there is *some* truth and a message in Moores film, BUT anyone can make a film as such depicting what they want to convey.


    Edit to add:

    While Moore is at is please include Edwards' ambulance chasing 50 million dollar fortune as well.

  • jwsons

    Another "Black Wall" Bush contribute to American.

    Both Bush and Blair now get around from La Haye Court by blaming their intelligent systems. What a shameful attitude. Maybe John Howard of down under land will [deleted] soon.


  • Yizuman
  • FlyingHighNow
    Both sides do it you know.

    Yes, and M. M. doesn't let democrats off the hook in this movie either.

  • berten

    I finally saw it too after a tediously slow download spread over almost two weeks.

    Moore does not hate America.

    He *LOVES* it...

  • Badger

    One thing I was really wondering (and If I were a Conservative Talking Head, I'd bring it out)...

    In beginning of the movie...

    When the Black House Caucus is trotting out a protest to the election...

    and needed a single Senate signature to make their complaint about the Florida vote valid...


    As to the "Congressional offspring in Iraq"...

    I thought trotting out that bit was useless...Moore would have been much more effective if he had just stuck with the bit about about heavy recruiting in poor areas/light recruiting in wealthy ones, and then followed up with that famous Cheney quote about his student deferrment: "I had better things to do than serve my country"

    At the school I teach at (Hispanic inner city school), a recruiter from at least one of the branches are there, like clockwork, every Thursday. The Texas Army Reserve also pushes for 10% of the student body in a DISD school (Nearly all inner city, low SES) to be enrolled in JROTC.

    MEANWHILE, at Highland Park High School (where a friend teaches), a recruiter from each branch visits ONCE PER YEAR in the final semester...when most HP spawn have already been accepted to Yale/SMU/Rice.

    I haven't heard/read much rebuttal from the right denying Bush's Saudi Family oil Money ties or business failures. They're attacking the whole movie ad hominem. I don't like Bill O'Reilly, but on the odd occaision I may find myself in agreement with him, and I don't dismiss his entire body of thought because I think he's all wet about Rap.

  • FlyingHighNow

    Like I keep saying: F. 9/11 does not let democrats off the hook either. This is not a down with republicans and up with democrats movie. M.M. takes both parties to task.


  • Richie

    Mulan, please read this so that you'll get a little bit familiar with the economic situation in the USA - it's good to be informed you know...


  • Badger

    quoting Townhall.com? hardly an unbiased source...

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