What's your most annoying phrase?

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  • minimus

    Um, I don't have any annoying phrases.Other people's phrases that bother me most is "you know" or "you know what I mean???"

  • qwerty

    There's the latest brain washing from a famous burger chain........

    'I'm lovin' it'

    And being British.............

    "What's the weather forecast"?

    "I've heard we are going to have an Indian summer"

  • xLaurax

    Just scanned through the whole four pages of peoples annoying words and found that Celtic hasn't commented with his use of the word 'ruddy'. That one gets me.. Lol, the cheeki thing knows how much it annoys me that he even ran into the chatroom the other day just to say 'ruddy ruddy ruddy'. I think it's cos i'm a Northerner and when i hear that phrase it reminds me of you posh buggers down south .

    Phrases i say that annoy people..... hmm....

    I have a tendancy to say 'unlucky' after everything and after watching big bro for the past few weeks i'm hooked on calling everyone chicks and chickens. Got a few people with the old 'here's my phone - take it and call someone that gives a sh*t!'

    hehe xLaurax <------- with the new correctly spelt name

  • overitforgood

    I haven't seen this one, but hear it every day from every co-worker who "thinks" they've accomplished something...long, drawn out and with a high musical pitch on the second syllable that doesn't exist: "ke-wl" aka "cool". I hate that.

  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie

    "The whole nine yards....." Wouldn't it be easier to say "all of it" or perhaps, "everything"?

    Someone interrupting my part of the two-way (allegedly) conversation with a fast-repeated "yeah-yeah" as if they know what I was going to complete my conversation with and are ready to dismiss everything else I might have thought to say, while everything THEY wish to add to the commentary is crucial. Crabby Pants does this to me and I called him on it. It's so RUDE!

  • dh

    "but you know it's the truth, don't you?"

  • Dismembered

    OH Well!

  • bem


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