Are you black or white ? ( just asking)

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  • ColdRedRain

    Trinidad and Tobago here.

  • frenchbabyface

    CRR : Oh ... you've got a flag ... we don't (cause we are French)

  • Kenneson

    I'm lily white, but I don't think I have a prejudiced bone in my body (at least I'm not aware of it if I do). If you don't believe me, my black housemate could verify for me.

    I kind of think of the human race as a garden with all kinds of flowers in it. No matter their color, they are still flowers and sometimes the contrasts are breathtaking.

  • razorMind


    More specifically, a yellowy-red skin tone. My hair is reddish-brown with glints of red; it gets red-streaked in the summer. I have a smattering of freckles across my face. My dad has a face full of 'em. Most people back home know what family I belong to at first glance; the hair and freckles are a hallmark of my dad's family.

    My husband is also Black; he is the exact same shade as a Hershey's chocolate bar (yum to both!)

    I used to work with a White girl with the bushiest, curliest, thickest head of blond hair I've ever seen. Long, thick, boingy corkscrews. She could've easily worn cornrows, or gotten her hair locked or dreaded. We used to sneak stares at each other's hair because of the similiarities, the only difference was the color.

    I saw this girl last weekend...she was a Black girl with actual red hair. Not reddish-brown or brownish, but actual red hair like you see on White people. She had green eyes and freckles all over her face, all over her shoulders and arms. Her skin wasn't so much light as red. I used to know another girl at the KH with hair that color, but her skin was white and her eyes were pale green. And, she was Black. Genetics are crazy.

    Both those girls were from North Carolina, I see a lot of different mixes and colors among Black folks there.

  • Pinned Blouse
    Pinned Blouse

    I am mixed with a lot but when you put it in a bowl and pour it out I am still a black woman, although growing up I kept looking at my light beige skin and not seeing "black" all I could say was that I could see no "black" in my skin.

    In slavery days, I would have been a "house Negro" because of my light skin, my husband, however, being a hulking hunk of chocolate would have no doubt not have lasted very long in the fields through acts of defiance. All I can say is that, very rarely would you encounter a pure race. We are all usually mixed with something.

    It is funny that my white coworkers take great delight in comparing how they have caught up with me, or passed me up with thier tans.


  • StinkyPantz


    It is funny that my white coworkers take great delight in comparing how they have caught up with me, or passed me up with thier tans.

    LOL. . I get that too.

  • cct1106

    Welcome and I am new here myself. But to reply to your question: I am a black female but I honestly can say that I don't think of whether someone is black, white, asian, indian, italian, greek, etc. when I hear their voices. I only hear and see the person that I am speaking to as a human being. There is nothing wrong with your question.....Just look at it this way: you will never get to know anyone unless you ask a question. Remember: In Jehovah's eyes were are all one. Again, welcome and hope you will enjoy your stay here. As I have stated I am new here myself and everyone has been wonderful and you will experience that wonderful feeling as well.

  • Farkel

    It's a bit off-topic but the WTS was the last sizeable Christian religion to de-segregate their Kingdom Halls in the USA. They claimed it took so long because they didn't want to "stand out" in the world. Of course, that's a pile of crap because all the religions larger than theirs had de-segregated long before they did.

    For an interesting look at the racism and provincialism of the white WTS leaders, Randy has a great article here:

    Farkel, who was born black, but slowly turned into the more acceptable white color after studying WTS publications for many years

  • wednesday

    yes, Farkel, I remember in the 60's the young people in our cong wanting to interacial date. It was not allowed. they gave some song and dance about "it would cause problems in the area" and "bring hardship on them". Our halls were interracial, don't know when it started, but dating and marrying was unheard of. if u did it, they advised u to move up north. I briefly lived in Illnois and things were very different there, interracial marriage being very common.

    One sad story, a bro and sis madly in love but differnt colors. Not allowed to marry. very sad as they truly loved each other. She and he moved on, but it did impact their lives.


    I love reading this! I am having a wonderful time trying to picture everyone. (So fun)

    Anyway- I happen to be German, Irish, Cherokee Indian, & Dutch........a white woman who happens to have extreemly naturally curly brown hair. In the winter I am majorly pale, but in the summer I tan a nice red-brown color thanks to the Indian in my family line.

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