Are you black or white ? ( just asking)

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  • Sassy

    I think most of us assume if their conversations do not point other wise that they are white, simply because the majority of people generally are..

    I can usually pick up on small things that will tell me if a person is black and they will say to me.. how did you know I was black?? on the other hand...........I had no clue StinkyPantz was..

    and you all know I am not predjudice..

    I may look white but I must have been born the wrong color

  • Amazing1914

    I am a person of color, as are all persons ... we all have some color ... some are just different shades ... and that is as far as I believe the answer should go.

  • Panda

    Well I won't answer this on gov't apps or univ apps... do you mean by color race? Because we are all of the human race and our colours are varietal.

  • roybatty

    My father was Dutch, my mother was Dutch / Indonesian. It was been a very weird comdo. I have fair skin, brown hair and green eyes. On the other hand, my brother and sister both have jet black hair and dark brown skin. Genes, what weird little creatures they are.

  • StinkyPantz
    The one that has Stinky Pantz said:
    I'm Black, but I usually assume people are White.

    That is interesting.

    A few years ago I noticed white people when telling a story would say "And then this black guy..." and I would say "as opposed to a regular guy?"

    It's not really very interesting. It's primarily Americans, Canadians and Brits that post on this board. Those three areas have an overwhelming White population, so it's reasonable to assume that it's mostly White posters that post on this board. It doesn't matter to me either way to be honest.

    Oh and I'm a caramel colored, not black .

  • ColdRedRain
    WOW, ColdRedRain!

    WHAT an interesting mixture! I'd LOVE to be at one of YOUR family reunions! I'd bet the variety in FOOD would be quite interesting too!

    BTW, I'm white---Irish, French, Norwegian and a touch of Abnaki Indian.

    Lol, I actually had a family reunion last week in Florida. But the food wasn't that ethnic. We just cooked pork chops, bratwursts and burgers. Good ol American food.

  • frenchbabyface

    when it is about talking about races it is about variety just like flowers ... appreciate it or not ... but do not deny, underestimate or stay on the "cliché" about it. The important part of the human is inside, and no colors helps to get the point about it. But this was not the subject.

    Cold rain : Wow what a Mix !

  • Hapgood

    My dad was Irish, Black Irish. Meaning, he had black hair, dark eyes and olive complexion, he was very handsome. My Mom is of English decent, fair complexion. I take after my Dad, I'm dark except for my eyes, my sister is blond and fair, my brother has red hair and fair, with freckles.


  • sinamongurl



    nice post......creates discussion

  • Undecided

    I have dark skin in summer but have no idea of my ancestry. I think I may have some native Indian in my background. I think I'm mostly human though with some southern culture to taint my attitude sometimes. Raised a JW that will effect me till I die in some ways. I think a persons race does become a part of who we are but doesn't change our character.(Moral or ethical strength)

    Ken P.

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