Should Saddam Be Executed If Found Guilty?

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  • Simon

    hmmn ... "immunity from prosecution". I've heard that before.

    Should the concept of immunity be ditched? Why would anyone want to have people immune from being held accountable for crimes?

  • Crazy151drinker


    Not on the grounds that he invaded Kuwait though. You would be killing half of the worlds leaders if invasion was a crime.

    On the grounds of intentionally using Chemical Weapons on Civilians yes.

  • Sunspot

    Deep down I'd like to see him tarred, feathered, covered with red ants and made to stand in any city square in a cage. Forever.

    THAT won't happen, but I'd be in favor of him being sent for the rest of his life to the "solitary section" to the crummiest and nastiest prison that can be found.

  • Englishman

    If found guilty, of course he should be executed. I don't see the death penalty as mimicing violence at all. Rather that than have to keep the blighter for the next 30 years!
    Wow, Ozzie! You do surprise me. I understand about wars and fights and people being killed. But, IMHO, I don't agree with the State - any State - legally killing. I think we need to distance ourselves from legalised killing. Even though murderers have no respect for human life I think that the State should not go down the same road. The State should place a value on human life that transends vengeance and violence, even if the families of the victims are unable to do so. Englishman.

  • L_A_Big_Dawg
    To eliminate all of this BS (which it obviously is) I think he should first be tried in an international court, that way jurisdiction is not an issue and there will be better international support for the outcome, whatever it is.

    Based on how the Euros fawn over a pre-war Iraq, and how much they hate America, I'm sure of the outcome of that international trial would be: innocent.


  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    If found guilty, of course (which I believe is a certainty), I would put Saddam in a harness and lower him slowly, feet first, into one of his infamous plastic bottle shredders. no, slower...slower... yeah, like that. is someone using a circular saw, or is that this f*cker screaming?

    Alas, that is not too likely to happen, so give him a rope and a ride down a 20 foot hole.

    Saddam has nothing to bargain with - IF there were political prisoners locked up in hidden underground prisons, those poor souls died of thirst a long time ago. Given the propensity for parabolic stories - do you recall how Saddam's palace was supposedly protected by scorpions the size of cattle? - the underground prison story may be only a story. I hope that it is.

    I agree with Ozzie - I don't like the idea of a society supporting its destructive elements. Don't house him and guard him and feed him - not even bread and water. Give him a quick ride down the hole, and a permanent room at the bottom of it. Or grind his bones to dust and release them to the desert winds. Maybe he should be dead when they do this.

    It's a proven historical fact that no executed criminal has ever returned to perpetrate more evil - but sometimes prisoners get freed by their buddies.

  • Maya

    Nathan.........I am SO with you on this.........

    Let's get real here people............

    as long as Saddam is still ALIVE, there will always be some group of his "followers" trying to spring him from prison!!!


    Why do you think he is still under U.S. lock and key???

    As long as he is alive.....he is a THREAT..........pure and simple...........

    and......can you imagine if his "followers" SUCCEEDED in busting him out of prison?

    The aftermath is just too horrible to contemplate..........

  • gitasatsangha

    he's been treated special his whole life. the greatest revenge would be for the iraqis to treat him as a common criminal, and dispose of him as one.

  • Fleur

    if he's guilty, i say that his punishment should be to be buried alive in one of the mass graves full of people he murdered.

    he can think about what he's done then, till his last breath.

    makes me wish there was a hell, for monsters like that man.

  • Englishman

    OK, OK!

    So we want vengeance, is that right?

    If we want vengeance, should the State (state as in a country's ruling authority) be exacting vengeance on our behalf then?

    Isn't the state performing the ultimate act of violence when it legally kills someone?


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