Should Saddam Be Executed If Found Guilty?

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  • Thunder Rider
    Thunder Rider

    I think the world courts would probably vie for imprisoning him for the rest of his life. He would surely be and make others miserable for years to come that way.

    There has been much talk of the West pushing views, ideals and morality on the Middle East, in this instance I think Iraqi law should be followed when he is convicted.

    I just hope they televise it! I'll make the popcorn!

    Thunder ==}>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • Maya

    oh please.........

    Spare me this "vengeance" crap...........

    It's called "INSURANCE"

    "INSURING" that he NEVER gets the chance to commit genocide EVER AGAIN...........

  • Yizuman

    Yep, hang him!


  • Shutterbug
    It's called "INSURANCE"

    "INSURING" that he NEVER gets the chance to commit genocide EVER AGAIN

    Maya, I suspect there are a lot of people in Iraq, Iran, and other places that want vengence, badly. But I agree with the part of your post quoted above, and the only way to insure he never gets another chance is to execute him.

  • wednesday

    he shoud be put to death. I am beyond vengenance, there is no way he can truly suffer enough for all his horrible crimes, unless fluer is right and we could send him to hell. But since most likley he wont' be taking up residence there, just kill him and get it over. spare us all having to feed and protect his miserable life for the next 30 yrs..I am for the death penalty, i believe, there are certain crimes that deserve it.

  • Valis

    eh what would be really humilliating is if some entertainment company bought him and took him around the world in a a freak and the rest of his cronies too! eheheh.... Although I have the feeling after it is all said and done they will execute him.


    District Overbeer

  • ohiocowboy

    Some want him to be executed, and some don't. Why not compromise by taking him to the gallows every few days, get the necktie on him all nice and comfy, let him wiggle and squirm for awhile, but not actually pull the lever, then send him back to his cell. Repeat this every few days, and let him live with the thought that anytime he goes to the gallows, could be his last. Soon enough, he'll be beggin for that lever to be pulled.

  • franklin J
    franklin J

    ..Saddam will be found guilty of crimes against humanity.....his execution will have the blessing of the United Nations with an international jury.

    he will hang; if for no other reason to send a CLEAR message to the middle east of American dominance.

  • Rabbit

    Does he deserve the ulitimate penalty of death ? Of Course !

    Does he deserve to mentally rot in a cage til he dies? Of Course !

    How's about a real election in Iraq... Death or Life in prison?

    He seems to be a little un-nerved by the Iraqi's taking custody of him...methinks he feels a mite safer with the evil Americans!

    To all who have suggested some type of torturous death...really would YOU debase yourself by being the one to do it? Or help decide to do it? Good people need to mete out justice in a humane way, irregardless of what they did. We are better for it !

    I do however, kinda like the Bible practice of 'stoning' the guilty. If he gets the Death Penalty, let the outraged injured parties...Saddam's victims and their kin take care of his execution.

    If he gets Life, let his caretakers... be his victims, at least once a week he could have visits !

  • seattleniceguy

    Hello Englishman,

    I thoroughly enjoyed your post. I wrote an opinion piece back in December in which I wondered whether killing Saddam would be the most productive course of action:

    You stated:

    For anyone to legally kill anyone, does, IMHO, simply re-inforce the belief that violence against a person is the ultimate answer. Killing killers might be appealing to those who are outraged by them, but that just makes us killers ourselves.

    I totally agree. I think that the concept of violent revenge is dangerous. For example, one poster stated:

    I would put Saddam in a harness and lower him slowly, feet first, into one of his infamous plastic bottle shredders. no, slower...slower... yeah, like that. is someone using a circular saw, or is that this f*cker screaming?

    I find this to be totally unhealthy. This solution does remove Saddam from the picture, but unfortunately it reinforces a strong cultural paradigm that it is acceptable to use horrible violence when it happens to fit into our particular agenda. I think that this concept filters down into other aspects of our life and promotes vindictive justice when that is not ultimately the most productive course.

    The way we treat our most hated enemies says much about ourselves. If Saddam Hussein is killed by the state, the manner of such execution should not foster the very values that he stood for. If he is kept alive, it should be as a common prisoner, with no special treatment.

    The lust for vengeance is strong, but I submit that in most cases it is a weakness. Let us be better than that. Let cool-headed justice prevail.


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