Correlation decline JW numbers and JW broadcasting?

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  • Dunedain

    @ - Introvert2 -, and ANYONE else for that matter, I am kinda "late to the game", when it comes to the GB, and Lett, and seeing ANY of these guys, and their "performances" on video, and at assemblies. So can you guys tell me whats up with Letts "performance", or why people become "uncomfortable" when he comes on stage, please?

    I have never heard, or seen any of his Talks or videos, and i would LOVE to know how "crazy" they are. Or what he does to make thousands of people uncomfortable, lol. Thanks in advance.

  • slimboyfat
    What infamous David Splane episode?
  • AudeSapere

    I think I missed the 'infamous David Splane episode', too. Can someone provide info or a link?

  • Muddy Waters
    Muddy Waters
    JW Rogue, what is the "infamous David Splane episode"...?
  • SnakesInTheTower

    I cannot bring myself to watch JW Broadcasting. I met Lett in person when he spoke to our MTS class (62nd US class, May 2002, St. Louis, MO). That guy is more ridiculous in person than on the broadcast. Real fu$king moron.

    And that rubber face speaking directly at ME from the platform during graduation announcing that the class was made up of 24 regular pioneers and 1 starting back up in September....clapclapclap... uh wait, did anyone ask the ONE....ME...whether I WANTED or was ABLE? No. The rest of that story I have told elsewhere on this board.

    Since that day....I have Fu$king DESPISED STEVEN LETT! Screw him and the whole WT...I hope the whole compound in upstate NY becomes a toxic waste dump. Decline? How about ZERO.


  • Nicholaus Kopernicus
    Nicholaus Kopernicus

    I certainly hope there is a correlation.

    Congregations have almost universally invested a significant amount of money in digital projectors and screens to accommodate the narcissism of the GB, and their direct communication into the congregations does not sit well with their claim to be faithful and discreet. At the same time as their encroaching upon the congregations in this manner, the frequency of mentioning financing and contributions has increased. Prior to these changes, the matter of contributing was mentioned once per year in the Watchtower magazine. This repetitive focus on contributing (magazines, letters, videos, and now also the meeting workbook) makes folks uncomfortable.

    I have never as yet sat through one of these GB broadcasts. However, those who do sit through them tend not to make it a talking point. There silence on the broadcast is almost bellowing! I believe that the GB's encroachment into the congregations is entirely counterproductive in terms of attendances (especially mid-week) which attendances the GB has for years wanted to improve.

    Additionally, the quality of writing in the Watchtower magazine is truly truly appalling. My wife's friend attended a weekend meeting recently. Her attendance coincided with a Watchtower study with the contents being focused on disdain of the world, being careful of one's associations, and marrying only JW's. I could tell that this exclusivity and paranoia was making my wife's friend uncomfortable. In that the emphasis on control is now so repetitive, it is becoming quite tiresome and it is increasingly easy to just switch off from attending. The number of unoccupied seats is more obvious nowadays. So both the broadcasts, emphasis on money, and the awful quality of writing may be dampening attendance.

  • Gorbatchov

    Yes, the silence about Broadcasting is imminent in our direct family. Nobody mentions this new provision of Jehovah God.

    For the world outside the United States, Broadcasting is a signal that the organization is pure and one and only American. The performance of the magnificent seven is over the top Republican. I suspect Herd, Morris, Splane and Jackson of wearing cowboy boots behind the Broadcasting desk.

    This Broadcasting thing is in my eyes the beginning of the end, mainly for the non US culture countries.

    Maybe i'm wrong about it, let's see.


  • jookbeard
    a clear embarrassment to them Morris and especially Lett, both shouldn't be allowed anywhere near the broadcasting section and they have rightly lessened their airtime, to think these 2 chumps may have single handedly been responsible for quite a few leaving and many not joining, they couldn't have planned it better!
  • Divergent
    @Divergent, do you have a link for this? I missed it, would love to see it.

  • done4good

    It's called a positive feedback loop. Positive feedback loops destabilize any entity they exist in.

    1. Initial apathy of membership, (largely due to the organization being very out of touch), leading to less funding, and subsequent changes, (such as wacky things like JW broadcasting).

    2. Those changes to varying degrees cause more apathy and malaise, and = less funding still.

    3. Start begging for money regularly, and people close their wallets completely, exacerbating the money problem even further.

    4. Goto step 1.


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