Correlation decline JW numbers and JW broadcasting?

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  • Socrateswannabe
    I can't speak for JW Rogue but a David Splane moment that turned my stomach was when he "splained" the overlapping generation theory for the first time and said, "We LOVE this teaching!" I knew something was rotten in Denmark the moment he said that.
  • rebelfighter

    From a Non JW standpoint. I watched all the broadcast through August until the ARC. After the ARC, I was DONE.

    I was not impressed by any of the broadcast why?

    First, I find that in most cases I felt like I was being talked to as if I was a child.

    Second, every broadcast included a bragging session of we are building this for JW.

    Third, begging for money, tight pants, that obnoxious speel one of them did about it is all apostate lies and finally the obey, obey, obey broadcast.

    Fourth, never anything for the outside community.

    Over the 5 years that I knew the Elder he very rarely spoke about the JWS and their beliefs. He finally gave me the book on Families to see "how I would react ". To say the least, we never argued until that explosion hit the fan. I read about raising children, that is all it took. And women being submissive well that went over like a lead balloon.

    I belong to the Masonic Community, I pay annual dues to 3 for myself and 2 for my daughter (not cheap). I participate in many fund raisers through out the year for the benefit of children, we raise lots of money. And I myself contribute I large sum of money each year to each of these charities.

    Based on what I have learned here and JW FACTS over the last 10 months I would much prefer to take children and women into a Masonic Lodge before a KH any day, trust me it is a much safer environment.

  • freemindfade

    Yes regular exposure to the gb is probably causing a lot of painful cd.

    Let's not forget those awful music videos at the end though. Those are so out of place with the religion I grew up in its unreal. Jehovahs chariot is quickly turning the corner to mainstream Christian fundamentalist religion.

  • punkofnice

    I know 2 dyed in the wool JWs that are put off by the GB parading like gods on their TV show.

    There's no smoke without fire. I hope the GB flippin' well burn!

  • tim3l0rd
    Unfortunately, my family seems to love the broadcasts. The last one that plead for exJWs to "come back to Jehovah" had my mom in tears because she wants my brother to come back (she doesn't know that I'm fading yet). The emotional pleas on the broadcasts are strong for those that are still plugged in.
  • All for show
    All for show

    My mom refuses to watch the Broadcasts because it weakens her faith by what she 'sees and hears'. Her longtime friend was disquisted by the February/Morris Anti-Education rant. She said it shook her faith so bad she can't watch or hear any GB speak. (Not paying their own way in life and ridiculing those who have to provide for family was the turn off)

    My dad watches every single one in disgust with his only JW friend. The friend openly mocks Lett as the most 'ridiculously, obnoxious, moron that existed' My Regular Pioneer Uber JW cousins were so enthusiastic about JW broadcasting and now NEVER mention watching it or going to the special viewing sessions after its month one release.

    I haven't heard anymore criticism since my non attendance has become obvious and the happy happy happy charade has been put on.

  • slimboyfat
    "We love this teaching." Thanks socrateswannabe, what a great quote. Whatadoodle indeed, I'm going to look it out.
  • Room 215
    Room 215

    Yes, putting these buffoons in front of a camera, zits and all, was a huge miscalculation.

    Their signage on Kingdom Halls and on their literature suggest is an outreach to the general public instead of the insular "preaching to the choir" propaganda device it really is. One can only imagine the reaction of the uninitiated public when they take a look.

  • sir82

    Come to think of it, I never hear any JWs discussing it either.

    Our congregation used to host a Saturday afternoon viewing at the KH once a month when the new broadcast came out. That was quietly dropped a few months ago - apparently no one ever showed up.

    It is kind of odd that the GB are cutting back their appearances. They are such attention whores - why decide to get less attention? A plausible explanation would be that they are getting some sort of negative feedback.

  • slimboyfat
    Just watched the September broadcast. Complete whackadoodle. Didn't catch the "we love this teaching" quote. I'd love to find it.

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