Correlation decline JW numbers and JW broadcasting?

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  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    It' just obvious the Borg has turned the page on gone the ''digital era'' of the 21st Century. The Borg is just following suit of what it's counter-religious groups have done with some of their own ''digital broadcasting''.

    Not to mention, the HUGE monetary cost saving measures of producing less, and less literature by just having the JW's tune into a broadcast.

    Needless to say, I think the Borg has turned the page on the ''digital era''. Not only has technology advanced, but I think we may see what people have said ''exponential advances'' in technological broadcasts and forms of other technology by replacing people with computers and such. It's just the beginning, to save money!!

  • slimboyfat

    Thanks Splash you're a star.

    He said "doctrine" AND "idea".


  • JWdaughter

    Yesterday I was supposed to go with my mom to a family event that would cause her to miss a meeting. The event was called off because of the freezing/winds/flooding. So, we started talking about doing something else instead and I interrupted saying-well, its your meeting night, we could just do something together tomorrow (because I wanted points for offering when I knew she wanted to do something else. She KNEW it was her meeting night). She told me that she had planned on missing the meeting anyway so we might as well do something together. So, I made her my famous enchiladas and we watched "The Middle" which is her favorite tv show (not one of the funnier episodes).

    During the course of re-teaching her how to use "on demand", she mentioned her roku with and how she watched the broadcast the day before. She didn't say anything, but I am wondering if to her, that was enough meeting for the week and that keeping up with the broadcasts is enough spiritual food to keep her going nowadays. . .

    Anyway, I helped her miss a meeting, fed her, taught her how to watch tv and we had an ok time together.

    I do think that the decline will be fed by the broadcasts. People will justify missing meetings and gradually, the actual pull will lose strength.

  • truthlover123
    Cant, cant, cant watch Lett - it was noticeable at the assembly that I was not watching the screen and some mentioned it - I told them I just cant stand to watch his face and expressions, they laughed and thought he was so funny.... right off the farm I say.. the best they can do is let them in front of the camera for the world to see, better for them to have remained anonymous - being mysterious was their best bet... for some strange reason, the ivory tower is the place where gods live, but the tv - iPhone & tablet or computer screen is where the money reapers are
  • sir82

    I do think that the decline will be fed by the JW.borg broadcasts. People will justify missing meetings and gradually, the actual pull will lose strength.

    That is an interesting perspective, I think that might well happen.

  • JW_Rogue
    I can't speak for JW Rogue but a David Splane moment that turned my stomach was when he "splained" the overlapping generation theory for the first time and said, "We LOVE this teaching!" I knew something was rotten in Denmark the moment he said that.

    I don't think he said that in this one that was at an AGM. What I thought was quite hilarious is when he goes to the story of the twelve tribes of Israel to try to redefine a common word. If you don't know what generation means then maybe try a dictionary. I noticed Splane likes to play the pseudo-intellectual egghead on JW Broadcasting. He also gave a talk without any Bible references to show that the FDS couldn't have existed until 1919.

  • Finkelstein

    The GB know they have mental control over 8 million people from that perspective they are positioned to keep that control in check and exploit the labor and money that these individuals offer.

    Well its actually their appealing lifestyle and personal stature too.

    I'd like to travel around the world and be greeted to wherever I went as rock star celebrity, I would even act

    self supporting in knowing where and how this privilege was coming from.

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