Correlation decline JW numbers and JW broadcasting?

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  • Gorbatchov

    I read some impressive figures here about the decline of the JW numbers in 2015.

    Could there be a correlation between this decline and the start of JW Broadcasting?

    Hence, that there would be an negative impact because the GB is standing so nearby, you can experience the idiot reasoning of their doctrines sitting in your own living room?

    The Lett effect? AM3 sickness?

    JW Broadcasting made me clear that they are crazy, and I'm Einstein.


  • Lieu
    It's just cheaper.
  • Introvert 2
    Introvert 2

    Last assembly I was at this summer everyone was clearly uncomfortable when Lett came on air. That and the giant screens on both sides of the stage had me running to the bathroom in a fit of panic ( an actual panic attack ) Went back for one more regular meeting after and called it quits. Was invited for a CO visit I said to myself screw it made a clean break. A cool guy elder came by once I laid it on the line he agreed with me on a couple points never heard back don't really care.

    Oh went for a med renewal this evening at practitioners ( the WT gave me high BP, was normal before the 'truth' ) and told the Doctor to annul the transfusion prohibition mention that I had asked for in my in my file years ago.

  • Divergent

    I would say it's a combination of various factors, JW Broadcasting being one of them

    I would say these are the main reasons:

    1. JW Broadcasting (JW's have been condemning TV evangelists for so many years but are now joining them? WTF???)

    2. 1914, the supposed 100th year of Jesus's reign in heaven, came & went by uneventfully. Many had expectations that Armageddon was going to come, it was even suggested that we might have our last memorial that year in one of the OKM's. When nothing happened that year, many got fed up of waiting for the end & left / faded (Proverbs 13:12 - Expectation postponed makes the heart sick)

    3. Candace Conti. Blew the child abuse issue in the org wide open! (The ARC came much later, the full impact of that would be seen in the 2016 report)

    Other reasons:

    4. An increasing number of people going online & stumbling across something which caused them to think / question (I was one of them)

    5. Anthony Morris & his senseless rants (eg. tight pants)

    6. Stephen Lett (more evidence for 1914 than for gravity, electricity, wind!)

  • steve2

    An alternative explanation is this:

    Jw org does your preaching job for you- and so effiicently - so why are you bothering to do it?

    In addition, the push to use literature carts has unintentionally implied the door-to-door work is not as important anymore. Oh, out of one side of their mouth, they say it's still important, but the definite push has been to use the lit carts - and if you don't "quality" for the carts, sleep in.

  • stuckinarut2

    Perfectly expressed divergent!

  • JW_Rogue
    JW Broadcasting sure had that effect on me, seeing an actual Governing Body member spouting off nonsense really undermines the whole "God's Channel of Communication" thing. Nobody in my hall even talks about JW Broadcasting since the infamous David Splane episode. I think most are hoping it will go away. It is an embarrassment.
  • Listener
    The GB are now only going to present the monthly broadcast every second month. It would seem that they feel their personal presence isnt having the affect they desired.
  • WireRider

    How? I desperately ask how?

    Weeeeee neeedddd toooo thiiiink abouuuuuut moooooorreee mmmoonneeeeyyy ggoooiiingggg ooooout ttthhhaannnn ccccooooooooooooommmiiinng iiiiiinnnnn.

    I really miss the beefed up, steroid pumping, Mr. Rodgers role model. How can any one take any of that serious. Is that what the inside of a KH is like? I have a whole new disrespect for the WT/JW. I just thought I was being an ass. They are pretty f#%[email protected]#%ed up.

    He's liking LSD producing frogs.

  • LouT8503
    6. Stephen Lett (more evidence for 1914 than for gravity, electricity, wind!)

    @Divergent, do you have a link for this? I missed it, would love to see it.

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