Jehovah’s Witness who posted criticisms on Reddit can remain anonymous, judge rules

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  • Earnest

    There was a report on this by Sophos, a cybersecurity company, today.

  • Simon
    This case isn’t trying whether their has been a copyright breech. That will happen when ( and if, since I don’t believe it’s Watchtowers aim) Watchtower gets Darkspilvers I.D. from Reddit. Then they will pursue their copyright claim.
    This case is about whether Reddit has to hand over Darkspilvers identity to Watchtower, and part of that case entails establishing Darkspilver’s right to anonymous speech.

    Clearly, copyright infringement is a real thing that is recognized globally (most countries have signed up to the same treaties).

    There is no law or right to anonymous speech and trying to use the claim that there is to escape the consequence of other laws is a real stretch IMO.

    If the claim is that it should be allowed as it is criticism, then that is the claim to make when defending the copyright claim. But the copyright holder has the right to make the service provider tell them who they can make their claim against otherwise you would effectively be tearing up all copyright law. Does anyone think that is going to happen? If the only way to win a case would be to fundamentally change established laws and international treaties, it shouldn't be a surprise that the result is as it was.

    The rest is just hot air and hand waving by "freedom" groups which they do as part of their fund-raising.

  • DesirousOfChange

    I guess DS is fucked!

  • Simon
    I guess DS is fucked

    Why? You think the WTS is going to direct a local cong to disfellowship him? That would show clear control from HQ to congregational decisions and I don't think the WTS is that stupid because think of the consequences for all the other cases where being able to distance themselves is a way they avoid legal liability. That would evaporate. They are not going to do that for some minor 'win' about a post on reddit although it would be 'great' (in the bigger sense) if they did.

    Maybe, and this might come as a shock to some, it's actually about copyright? ... in the same way that other incidents over the years, sites being shut down and take-down notices, have been.

  • Doubting Bro
    Doubting Bro

    There's no way DS isn't going to get disfellowshipped if his real identity is shared with the JW WT lawyers. Hopefully, he used means to cover his tracks so that no one knows his identity. Of course, that is the chance that those who provide leaked information take. There are ways that they can get the information to the local congregation. You can literally be disfellowshipped for anything the elders want. It's their rules, their club, they can do whatever they feel like to kick someone out.

  • Vidiot
    Simon - "Maybe, and this might come as a shock to some, it's actually about copyright?"

    Fair point.

    Kinda hard not to suspect more vindictive reasons behind it, though.

    Kinda hard to imagine how the info leaked could cause any real difficulty for the bOrg, after all...

    ...not to mention that they stated in the original lawsuit that a stop-motion video made with Lego (somehow) caused "irreperable damage".

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