What is the benifits to living forever?

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  • Jayk

    You probably thinks strong moon shine makes people go blind. I'm a state championship lacrosse player I got more athleticism in my pinky than you probably have in your entire body. I'm not sure what point your trying to make but I'll tell you right now you won't win this one. Sorry I'm not a alcoholic.

  • Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho
    Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho

    @Jayk A rich man doesn't need to tell you he's rich. Strength of character usually comes through without a person having to spell out their accolades for us. The fact that you felt it necessary to broadcast your alleged achievements is very telling in itself.

    As for you not being sure what @jp1692's point is, you've merely confirmed what he was insinuating: you lack basic comprehension and the ability to synthesize the crux of very simple notions put forth to you.

    You resort to the straw-man argument of not being an alcoholic since you don't know the difference between malt liquor and single malt whiskey. In that vein, I'd say you never went past the fourth grade since you don't know the difference between "your" and "you're".

  • Jayk

    Straw man argument? Anything I say JP tries to twist back. I'm asked for a benifit of living forever "malt liquor, and women" he says. Seems like the org left him without any social skills, imagination, and a drinking problem. Im completely within my right to defend myself but you're right I don't need to. Insulting someones grammer is pretty low. I hope that makes you feel better. My athleticism is a very small aspect about myself. I use it as a example of dedication most people don't have or understand. JP is the witness lady who wanted to "study cheese" with her ever lasting life.

  • jp1692
    Jayk: JP is the witness lady who wanted to "study cheese" with her ever lasting life.

    Wow, it’s truly amazing how you just “get me!”

    Were we lovers in another life? Of course, you’d have been the woman who I didn’t know what she wanted. But you sure do get me, yes you do! 🤪

    Although, I am a little confused about why you’d think I’m a “lady.” Can you not see my DDL avatar? See the beard? Do you not know who John Proctor was? The Crucible?

    I’m guessing: No.

    Jayk: Insulting someones grammer (sic) is pretty low.

    Actually, confusing “your” and “you’re” is a spelling error, not bad grammar—which, by the way, you also misspelled.

  • Jayk
    I don't care what your gender is nor would I discriminate your answer based on that. You made a comment similar to what another said in a earlier post about "a women and cheese". I don't recall "your" being spelled wrong I just used the word out of context. Can you tell my gender by my avatar? I don't care who or what your avatar is. Funny you actually believe in past lives and that you would get lucky enough to be with someone like me. Im not sure if my dick would be big enough for you to be satisfied.
  • TD

    I don't know about living forever, (Forever is a long time...) but it would certainly be nice to live longer....

    Life is short. In subjective time, it's actually about half-over around 27 or so.

    Of course nobody believes that at the time, but the older you get, the more the reality sets in.

  • jp1692

    Jayk, you are one confused little puppy!

    Let me break it down for you:

    1. You start a thread on an anonymous internet site asking a question. So far so good.
    2. You get answers you don’t like—often because you didn’t understand what the responders wrote. For example: in my case, because I whimsically wrote that I want to know what women want and that I’m fond of single malt whiskey, you erroneously conclude I’m an alcoholic that just wants to have sex (as if that’s a bad thing).
    3. You then engage in petty attacks insulting forum members based on your misunderstanding of what they wrote.
    4. When people try to clarify your misunderstanding you escalate the personal attacks and make ridiculous, irrelevant comments about things which you could not possibly know.
    5. You confuse who wrote what and then attack posters for things that they didn’t even write. (I never mentioned cheese until you brought it up; I then pointed out that you were wrongly attributing that comment to me. It wasn’t me. Get the clue.)
    6. When anyone calls you on your bullshit, instead of admitting your error you continue with even more offensive replies.
    7. You clearly don’t appreciate sarcasm, but somehow vaguely know that you didn’t get it and so respond in what is apparently the only way you know: more personal attacks.
    8. You brag about your alleged athletic prowess even though that has absolutely nothing to do with the current discussion.
    9. You make crude, rude offensive sexual comments thinking that I or anyone else would take you seriously enough to care what you think.
    10. You crosspost on another thread harassing someone that disagreed with you here. This is known as cyberstalking.
    11. You seem oddly obsessed with he size of your penis, as if anyone here cares, (and forgetting that I’m interested in what women want, not men). Overcompensating much?

    Congratulations, you have broken an astonishing number of forum guidelines and general rules of internet etiquette in a single thread.

    By the way: sex and gender are not synonymous. Google it!

    While we’re on this topic, I will make my final comment in response to your final comment:

    Jayk: Im not sure if my dick would be big enough for you to be satisfied.

    As I’ve said before, I like women. But I do hear you expressing your feelings of inadequacy. Some say “size doesn’t matter, but from what I’ve heard from my friends of all sexes, genders and sexual orientations: those that enjoy “dick” like a man that HAS a big dick, not one that IS a big dick. It’s unfortunate that you seem to be lacking in both areas. Although there is not much you can do about the latter, you can learn to stop being a dick. It’s not easy, but it can be done.

    Please see the “Don’t be a dick” rule in the forum Posting Rules for further clarification. Scroll all the way down. You’ll find it in the last paragraph before the “Our Agreement” section.

  • Jayk

    I defended myself when someone acted like it was a stupid question. I should have elaborated more. But I did say besides not getting older what's the point. And the first person who came along focused only on that aspect. You're the one who turned it into pissing match. You should go reread what you typed you got a error or two in your last post. I compared you to another posted about a dinner conversation that was had. You made a comment about use being lovers in a past life. Assuming you know we have multiple lives. Something you also couldn't possibly know about also. So your ability to identify sarcasm is as good as mine. I recognized I did jump on the person and tried to make it right but you felt the need keep pushing the subject. I made one dick comment and now I'm obsessed? The fact you say sex and gender are not synonymous and Google has all the answers for it I now know who I'm dealing with.. You keep putting words in my mouth so I'm not go to play into your social justice warrior BS. I went to see if you or Joho actually post good topics or if you just troll this site. You dont seem like trolls in any other posts so I some what reframed from treating you as such. You missed a T in the for 11. but my brain was able to fill in the gap.

  • jp1692

    So now you think I'm a "social justice warrior."

    As I said, you're one confused little puppy!

    I will give you credit for getting this right though:

    Jayk: The fact you say sex and gender are not synonymous ... I now know who I'm dealing with

    Good. You're dealing with someone who knows the difference between these two commonly confused words.

    PS: I reread my last post. You were right. There are two mistakes. I am missing a end quote after the word matter and I said "latter" when I meant former. Good catch!

  • Jayk

    Brotha I'm not trying to be right let's just end this. I'll try some malt liquor and get back to you. Have a good one.

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