What is the benifits to living forever?

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  • steve2

    I prefer to examine what is, rather than speculate over what isn't. If I haven't got something, how could I ever extol its benefits? I'd be doing so from the perspective of someone who hasn't got a clue about what it would be like.

  • Jayk

    I posted to get different perspectives and that's also a good point. We really couldn't understand the benifits we can only speculate. My concern is "doing everything" I would go explore the cosmos.. thats the only thing I would find "enlightening"

  • scratchme1010

    Can anyone give me a valid reason for it? Growing old is a drag. The witnesses idea of ever lasting life, that you will come back to your most youthful state is such a BS answer.

    Not only I cannot give you a valid, solid, educated and/or reasonable answer, but I can assure you that I would never like living forever with the disgusting JW people I grew surrounded with, up until I became a man.


    I am a violinist - and the constant striving to improve / move and evolve my playing ability along with angst and frustration is what keeps me coming back for more. So the thought of JoeDoe my Artist friend learning and perfecting the violin in the Paradise ...the same as me .....is scary in its vanity! wtf? Does this imply a plateau point eventually ? I find the thought boring !

  • WTWizard

    The only good way to live forever and not be bored would be to work on your soul. And, the jokehovian religion bans anything that would do that. Hence, there is no point on living forever under the condition of avoiding doing anything to work your soul.

  • Ancientofdays

    May I suggest to have a read to J.L. Borges's short novel "The immortal" , it's enlightening.


  • punkofnice

    I guess I'll never find out. Very saddening.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    probably find its an overlapping forever nowadays.

  • pale.emperor

    At first it sounds good on paper. But in practice i dont think i'd like to live forever as the Watchtower portrays it.

    Eventually the earth would be so full that we'd stop procreating. This would happen within the first 500 years. So does this mean no more sex? Then you may as well shoot me now!

    What about those ones who had plural wives? Are they still married to them? WT is now a lot more careful in explaining whether or not the resurrected are still married. Does this mean my dad is not my dad anymore?

    So eventually we'd all reach a nice median age like 27, master every instrument, every science, all mathematical concepts, memorize books etc etc.

    So now what? Im 500 billion years old an expert at everything... but then so is Bro A and Sister B.

    And we still got to go to meetings and be ruled over by Tony Morris and JF Rutherford and co?

    I'll take my 80 years now thank you.

  • punkofnice

    Here's one I made some years ago.........

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