What is the benifits to living forever?

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  • jp1692

    Jayk, I don't drink malt liquor, I drink single malt whiskey. They are about as similar as a Sloppy Joe sandwich and Filet Mignon.

    But I do appreciate the sentiment.

    Same back at ya!


  • OrphanCrow


    If we are able to report to the grammar police now, I would like to lodge a complaint.

    The title of this thread. It makes my teeth hurt.

    "What is the benifits to living forever?"

    What are the benefits of living forever?

    Use "are" when you are speaking of more than one thing - "is" is to be used when the subject is singular. Benefits is plural (the "s" on the end is a clue). And, please, spell benefits correctly. With two "e's" and only one "i".

    And "of" sounds better than "to". "Of" denotes something derived from. "To" denotes direction.

    Thank you.

  • Jayk
    Thank you.
  • WeatherLover

    If scientists ever find a way for us to live forever, then we'll live through plenty of technological advancement. Eventually we'll have fully immersive virtual reality where we'll be able to visit any period from history or live in a world that we create to be whatever we want, not to mention having the ability to travel the universe.

    And there are even some people who believe we will merge with artificial intelligence and become transhuman. If such a thing occurs, then presumably our whole way of thinking will be different. It may be impossible to imagine just what we could conceive of in that state.

    I think I would want to live forever given all of the possibilities, but I'm not sure if science will ever save us from aging, much less in my lifetime.

  • Old Navy
    Old Navy


    Well said. Science has neither the skills nor the capabilities. But the Dynamic Duo and the Forces of Good do. As you wish shall be accomplished. And the really great thing is that everybody is included! Not one will be forgotten or left out.

    We must of necessity experience the "sleep of death" on the way. But the inconvenience will be worth it.

  • dubstepped

    I'm not saying that I would necessarily want to live forever, as I cannot know that. I certainly wouldn't want to if I had to be surrounded by JW nutters the whole time.

    With that said it seems like when most of us think about it we think in terms of running out of things to do. We're human beings though, not human doings. Life isn't all about mastery of one thing or what's up next, there's tremendous joy to be had in just "being". Talking to people, connecting, enjoying the everyday things like the warmth of the sun or sound of the rain or just taking a walk through the woods and smelling the fresh air, all can be endlessly enjoyable.

    I think I'm down with the possibility of everlasting life. It sounds good to me.

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