What is the benifits to living forever?

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  • venus

    This is something we cannot escape from because we are human beings. The word human is from humus [Latin] which denotes soil, and being is all about essence/spirit of a person. Thus a human being is described as spirit using body as its vehicle; and spirit is conscious energy that cannot be created nor destroyed—it has no beginning and no end

  • AverageJoe1

    Catching up on all the past episodes of Coronation Street!

  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel
    Smiddy3 » In the 1960s I was taught that Jehovah didn`t create all of these [galaxies] for nothing. [He] probably/possibly plans to eventually populate planets in these [galaxies] with those who have proved themselves faithful here on Earth and the whole universe would be filled with humans praising Jehovah.

    They certainly don't have much imagination, do they? It sounds as though they believe God created the Universe as a backdrop for Earth. If God created the earth out of nothing, why did it take him six days to do it? (The term "days" in the scriptures has the same meaning it does to us in that it can refer to a 24-hour day or an era, such as, "in my grandfather's day.") My question to them would be, if God can do anything, why didn't he create it in one day? Or one minute? Why didn't he just speak the word and have the earth just pop into existence? Or if he could do anything, why not just speak and have the Universe appear fully developed?

    The purveyors of doctrine within the JW strata don't think anything through. They see the afterlife as one big family reunion that never ends. The pictures say it all. There's no growth or development. What purpose was there to the Adam and Eve story? If Satan had not interfered, what would they be doing today? Nothing! They would still be there petting the tigers and playing hide and seek. They would still not know good from evil and there would be no Wal*Marts or Cracker Barrels!

    In other words, man would still be mired in a stalemate with Satan, and they needed Satan to break out of the status quo and progress.

  • Jayk
    I've consider god creating the cosmos for some reason like that...that seems logical but also I try to find the reason as for it. If "God" was actually a E.T. I could see that. Starcraft the video game talks about a immortal race that knew eventually they would die off..So the immortals create all these planets and put all these different life forms to try to carry on existence. When all hell breaks loose.
  • venus

    Cold Steel, & Jayak,

    Sometimes we need to discern things out! If we see cultivation on one side of the road and barren land on the other side, we rightly conclude that it takes someone to plant seeds on other side too whether we have personally observed sowing or not.

    Similarly, when we see earth is filled with various forms of life and also is fine-tuned for life and rest of the universe is barren, we conclude that it takes the same Creator to plant seeds of life in rest of the universe and to fine-tune them for life. No fine-tuning is possible without a Creator just like no mountain is possible without valley. Thus the rest of the barren universe silently teaches that life exists on earth because someone planted it there, and life doesn't exist in the rest of the universe because that someone did not plant life there. Thus vast universe argues against materialism. In other words, when I see various forms of life on earth, it instill in me a awe towards God. And when I see no forms of life in the rest of the universe, it instill in me even more awe towards Him.

  • jp1692

    Learning a lot and getting really good at things.

    Maybe finally figuring out what women really want.

    Plus finally getting to try each and every single malt whiskey there is.


  • jp1692

    Jayk, Apparently you lack both curiosity and imagination.

    That’s too bad. You’re missing out on so much of life.

    Life is good for most of us. No need or desire for it to end.

    You could (try to) learn to enjoy it.

  • Old Navy
    Old Navy

    The WTBorg Cult Inc. "Twisted Truth" version of the Good News is in reality the Doctrines of Men. It is pretty far removed from the Really Good News of The Word.

    If God could save everyone - would He?


    Once the Real Truth of the Word is understood all of the trauma inducing fear mind control dogma of the WTBorg Cult Inc. vanishes like a puff of smoke.

  • Jayk

    JP, I'm not sure if your being serious or not about the women and malt liquor comment. All women are different, women from different places I'm assuming want different things. They my not want men at all.. Life isn't all about getting drunk and having sex... You sir lack imagination. Old Navy I think the same thing. Why would there be so much suffering and in places the WTS can't get to like in the Congo

  • jp1692

    Jayk, the singular fact that you don’t know the difference between “malt liquor” and single malt whiskey is conclusive proof of your devastatingly massive ignorance.

    Life isn't all about getting drunk and having sex

    No it isn’t. Why would you even say such a completely stupid thing? Again you prove your limited capacity to imagine anything worthwhile by bringing up such a base, worthless thing. Joe Six-pack’s got more going on than you.

    FYI: my imagination takes me places you could never ... well you wouldn’t understand if I explained it in primary colors and monosyllabic words.

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