What is the benifits to living forever?

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  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Easy does it, JayK.

    What we endeavor to do here is understand the reasoning behind comments, i.e., "where" the poster is coming from. It takes a while to get the feel of a discussion board since we are not face-to-face with each other. No facial expressions, no body language.

    Be patient. You're new here and not yet acquainted with everyone. The folks posting are, for the most part, congenial and understanding. We just may not get their point at the start.

    Blessings and Peace.


  • Jayk

    I agree and understand. I know sometimes I don't get to the point alot of times. But we established "let's be realistic". I can already feel out a few people who look down on others views or opinions but think they shit gold. My bad coco I will tone it done.

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    You're a good man, Jayk.

    I've been here 11 years and I'm still learning.

    Dad was a Pollyanna, Mom was a no-nonsense realist. By nature and nurture, I see both sides, yet I often get caught in the middle of my two selves and wind up very confused.

    Take care.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    The last time I went out to dinner with a group of JW couples was just before we stopped going to meetings about 8 years ago. We were all munching on appetizers of cheese and crackers. One rather ditzy heavy set middle aged sister was picking up pieces of cheese, sniffing them and holding them up to her eye like someone examining a diamond and then popping them in her mouth. This went on for a time and then she proclaimed, using a little girls voice "I just love cheese....in the new system, I'm going to learn everything there is to know about cheese".

    Before I could stop myself, I said jokingly "So a month or two later, what will you be doing for all the rest of eternity?"

    Everyone chuckled but the expression on her face told me that she hadn't really given much thought to how she could possibly fill her days, for all of eternity. A round table discussion started on the topic of eternal life. I said I was concerned that when I'm a 950 years old and my wife is 948 years old and my kids are 925 years old, we might not have much left to say to one another. Like the flowers in spring, maybe they're only special because they are here for such a short time. We probably stop noticing them if they bloomed all year long. The same might be true of life, it's special because it short.

    The general JW consensus at the table was that it doesn't matter what we'll be doing in the New System so long as we make it there. Jehovah will make sure that we're happy. That kind of answer puts a nice bow and ribbon on a topic that topic that doesn't bode well if you think about in a literal way for too long.

  • waton

    most things we do are not done well enough because of the time constraint. time= resources compiled. but

    living forever on this planet is limiting life to already half done.

  • pontoon

    Worship, praise, thank Jeh every day for life, provisions......etc every day for all eternity. Not for me. I've said it before, if I ever save your life buy me a beer and we'll call it square.

    If it didn't involve worship, yea, I'd like to live forever, I got things to do.

  • Jayk

    I was gonna say earlier, that even 900 years is a long time. Imagine being born 900 years ago and still being alive today..kinda reminds me of the movie "interview with a vampire" it really puts into perspective living forever (and killing for your food) so subjecting anyone else to that you might want to pick someone you can stand for all eternity.

  • Jayk

    Exactly, if it didn't involve worship. I don't think the door to door work would happen thats forsure

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    It may be a good idea to have an expiration date for marriages...

  • Jayk

    We living in 2017 and James mixon is in the year 4037 lol that's not a bad idea. You can choose to stay together or separate.

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