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  • ListlessWitness

    ^^^ what maksutov said! + all others


  • FayeDunaway

    Wasanelder...I like your cancerous growth analogy, as opposed to cutting off a limb.

    Also it's sort of like cutting off a large parasite that sucks you dry of life. You cut it off and it hurts, there's an open wound...but eventually you will heal and find more strength and energy than you thought you had!!

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    Hello the Walker and Welcome!!
  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    The Walker. I just want to add that if your desire to the leave the WTBS eventually, it takes time. Every situation is different if you wish to ''fade'' out of the Borg.

    Try to stay under the radar, of sorts. Try to establish friends outside of the Borg. Avoid ''Shepparding Calls''. What I mean is when the doorbell rings, look through the peephole.

    It takes time to sort all of your doubts/feelings out though. It takes time. Like others have said, ''take all the time you need''.

    God Bless!!

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007
    Welcome from Australia!
  • berrygerry

    Hey Dude:

    What Divergent

    Divergent and DOC said.

    Waking up is indeed, hard to do. (A play on the song "Breaking Up is Hard to Do")

    The lack of love bothered me for years as well. James 1:27 sums up what God wants in one sentence. WT - orphans and widows - well, widows if they have assets.

    As many have said, take a deep breath, and then take another.

    This post is worth a read for those waking up:

    BTW - Is your username for the song (I love the whistling)?
  • smiddy

    Welcome , thewalker .

    The lack of genuine love in the congregations is really just the tip of the iceberg , but one that can open our eyes.

    The Bible was started about 4000 years ago by Moses writings , so the story goes , and was completed about 2000 years ago by the Apostles

    .About 300 years later ,it was established that the Bible we have today was apparently approved by God.

    And these same books have stood us without virtual change for these at least 1700 years.

    Think about that unchanged for at least 1700 years.

    The WTB&TS /Jehovah`s Witnesses have been around for approximately 230 years and they have changed their beliefs and practices more times than I have changed my underwear in my 76 years of existence.

    Compare that with the changes that have been made with Bible Scripture..

    What , or why , would a genuine truthful organization , religious or secular , with nothing to hide , mis-represent there past history , and bury it .

    Try to eradicate it , get rid of past documentations, books , pamphlets , magazines etc. and where they haven`t done that put a spin on it.

    The fact is , what J,W, / I.B.S.A. people were taught and believed back then has no bearing with what Jehovah`s Witnesses believe today , there is no resemblance , and that in only approx. 230+ years they have made so many flip flops , contradictions ,reversals , stupid statements ,such as in the AWAKE magazine such as organ transplants were akin to Cannabalism

    Stick around the walker we look forward to hearing more from you.


  • LongHairGal


    Welcome to the forum! Your post is good and one that many of us here can relate to. You speak well.

    Yes, it is true that there is no love in the congregations. I made the very same observation myself. Oh, it may exist to a small degree among extended families, but that's about it.

    As others have said, be grateful that you are finding out these things while you are still young. You have your whole life ahead of you to rectify the ERROR of being in this religion!

    Good Luck on your journey!

  • Amelia Ashton
    Amelia Ashton

    Welcome The Walker

    As many have said your English is perfectly understandable, well done.

    Your comment "It was sad to see how immigrants where marked as 'potential witnesses' and how we were using their need and desperation to start bible studies"

    The same for me living in the Canary Islands. We had a Red Cross centre where the sub-saharan boat people would stay whilst the Spanish authorities decided what to do with them. The witnesses were banned from knocking so instead would call through their windows or hang about in the park next door to "catch" them.

    These immigrants were often women who had crossed a 30 km stretch of very dangerous water fleeing dire circumstance in their home country. Most were pregnant or had newborns whilst making the crossing to be assured of Spanish citizenship and not be immediately deported back.

    They were English speaking plus had their own African dialects and were not Spanish speaking so they became our "potentials" for the English speaking congregation not the Spanish. This has apparently changed since the English congregation abandoned them when they moved the KH to the north of the island (that's another story of how that even happened but it was achieved dishonestly) and although they were good for the pioneers to count time it was 4 bus journeys or an 80 km round trip for the person conducting their study to collect them and take them home again. Needless to say they were dropped like hot potatoes but my point was this was my first inkling that the witnesses were not Christians or even particularly good.

    These poor women and their babies had nothing when they arrived on our island apart from the clothes they were wearing so my daughters and I used to take clothes, toys and other stuff to help them and I got "counselled" by an elder for it and was told to "offer them only Bible studies as anything more may encourage them to come into the truth for the wrong reasons".

    We started going to the Red Cross at night hoping we wouldn't be seen and that was when I thought to myself this isn't right. Helping these poor women and their babies, many who had already survived being set on fire by their husbands was something that had to be done in secret!!!!

    I then started on-line research on apostate websites and after returning to UK went to one last meeting, the memorial of 2009. A year later I was totally free mentally as well physically. I was 50 so I am very happy you have discovered the hypocrisy whilst young enough to enjoy life and live your life to it's full potential free from guilt and fear. I also totally agree with others who have said to take it slow and keep your thoughts to yourself.You have plenty of time to get yourself free and then learn about those who successfully got their spouses and other relatives out without being shunned or losing them and how to go about it.

    I look forward to following your progress. You will get plenty of support from us here as we understand the range of emotions you will likely experience and can help you through them.

    Take care


  • KateWild

    Welcome Walker,

    Your English is great. You have plenty of response so I will keep mine brief.

    You have come to the right place to explore your doubts. I first doubted holy spirit when I had a bad experience. Then the whole WT fell around me as I did research. and helped me a lot and this site too.

    Kate xx

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