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  • thewalker

    Wow! Thank you so much for all your answers.

    Always had serious doubts about some teachings and I do now others also have, for example this pioneer I have been speaking with.

    I'm doing my personal study reading the Bible alone. No more help from publications.

    But my main concern is all those brothers and sisters who have been there when I spent hard times. And of course, my family.

    I came back to college in September to finish my studies and some brothers were upset because they thought it was a sign of distrust in the new system coming soon. I quit college some years ago and although still young, I regret deeply that decisition.

    And thank you (once again ;) ), I needed to speak out.

  • KateWild

    I understand your concern about your family and loved ones that have helped you.

    But the WT doesn't have a policy to help those who doubt or lose their faith. If a JW stops believing they are cut off and shunned. This is terrible and we must make a choice to either stay JWs for family or leave and be shunned.

    A terrible choice I know but many on here have made a choice and survived and live with that choice with the help of each other on the board.

    Kate xx

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