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  • LoveUniHateExams

    Welcome, thewalker, your English is fine.

    It was sad to see how immigrants where marked as 'potential witnesses' and how we were using their need and desperation to start bible studies - indeed. Immigrants needs the basics, food, water and shelter, plus Western education and a chance to better themselves.

    I don't know where to go, I need time to think. I have serious doubts about the teachings - this makes sense. Take your time, and work out what you believe and what you don't believe. There's no rush - you've got the rest of your life ahead of you. Work out whether it's best to stay with the Watchtower Society or leave. Perhaps try thinking about priorities such as education and employment, either doing something you love or something that will provide financial security.

    All the best


  • TimDrake1914

    Welcome my friend. You are among friends here. Some of us may be gentle with our words, while some of us may be more blunt, as you have already seen for yourself if you've been lurking. But the one thing that we all have in common is that we understand you, we have been there, and our arms are always open to those like you who feel lost and alone within the organization. You are not alone. Your doubts are valid, and you have found a place where you can finally speak your mind if you need to. Also, be sure to check out our other community on reddit.

    It's another fast growing community where you will find others just like us. You will be well received there as well, as you have been here.

  • chicken little
    chicken little

    Welcome thewalker, I do hope you give yourself time to think through all the signals your mind and perhaps body is giving to you that indicate something is "rotten in paradise". I had thoughts I dismissed for years as just me being a poor witness, I finally had to confront the real issues, did I truly believe this was the truth, could I accept the changing doctrines etc..

    So take your time do not burn all your bridges at once, take the advice given regarding education etc. You are such a lucky young man to wake up so early and not have to waste the rest of your life as many of us have done.

    Best wishes Chicken little

  • LisaRose

    Welcome, your English is very good, so don't worry about that. Your comment about the lack of love is correct, there is no love in most congregations. Jesus said that the way to identify those who are true followers is that they have love among themselves, so what does that tell you about the Jehovah's Witnesses?

    The Watchtower makes the preaching work all important, totally ignoring caring and love. How much time is spent talking about the preaching work at the meetings compared to time spent talking about helping others? They record and track hours of preaching, but not hours spent helping each other, or even other people outside the religion. Those who are going through problems are told to pray, study and go to the meetings, things that are of no help to people going through depression or other problems. If Jehovah Witnesses are the only true religion, why are so many going through depression and struggling?

    As to what to do or where to go, don't worry about that for now. For now you just need to know whether or not the Watchtower has the truth. Once you figure that out you can start thinking about where to go from there, it will take time to figure it all out, so don't rush into anything. The Watchtower demonizes other religions so that you think they are your only option, don't fall for it. There are decent churches out there, not going to church is also a option. You have been lied to and manipulated, it will take some time to get over that.

    These are some things to think about:

    The Watchtower uses the date of 607 for the fall of Jerusalem to calculate their last days/Armageddon chronology. Try to prove that is the correct date without using Watchtower sources.

    Try to prove, using the Watchtower literature, that Charles Russel predicted the last days would start in 1914 and that Jesus was to return invisibly.

    Research the meaning of the word "generation" and show how "this generation" could ever actually mean overlapping generations or more than one generation.

    Google "Beth Sarim".

    Look into the Austrailian Royal Commission and Jehovah's Witnesses and Child sex abuse, and learn how this religion covers up for pedophiles. Also Google Candace Conti.

    Well, that's enough to get started. Thanks for posting, so glad you found us.

    Lisa 🌹

  • Crazyguy
    Welcome, I suggest you pick a topic or teaching by the wt and search on this forum a discussion about it. See if what the wt teaches stands up to the scrutiny.
  • EdenOne

    Welcome TheWalker ... It seems we're on the same geography (non-english speaking Western Europe). You are among friends, take your time, don't rush; educate yourself before you make life-altering decisions - especially if you have family still in.


  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once
    Remember, waking to the Truth is not like cutting off a limb, its like removing a huge cancerous growth! Welcome. Real people and real life will follow, stick with it. Its hard at first because you think all it lost. NO, all is gained, but it takes time. Bless you young sir.
  • Faithful Witness
    Faithful Witness

    Welcome to the discussion! Thanks for having the courage to share your concerns.

    In fact, I had a conversation with a pioneer some days ago and she was also disenchanted. You cannot raise all issues for the sake of being labelled as 'apostate' but this pioneer told me that she can't see love in the congregation nowadays.

    You are clearly not alone.

    Many are doubting and confused, yet no one is allowed to ask critical questions... ??

    As a young brother, I'm seen as an example as I'm doing all a good witness should do.

    Yes, you are!

    Every good witness should be doing exactly as you! God gave you free will. Use it!

    Pay attention to those doubts that keep nagging you... they are valid.

  • nicolaou

    You sound like a kind person who genuinely cares about people, good for you. As others have advised, take your time before making serious decisions but be assured of this; whether you choose a new faith or none at all you can still be that kind and caring person.

    Good luck

  • maksutov
    Hi Walker (my surname is Walker!), nice to meet you. As you have no doubt discovered, you are not alone - we can all identify with your situation. Like you, I suppressed my doubts vigorously for many years, and was often held up as exemplary. I joined a Portuguese group so that I could get busy learning the language and focus on that rather than my doubts. It worked for a while, but eventually I had to just stop and admit to myself that I just didn't buy it any more. It is a very difficult thing to admit you may have been wrong and wasted so much time, but it is definitely worth it. My life has been much happier since I started being truly honest with myself and following the evidence wherever it leads, not filtering it through what the Watchtower organisation says is possible. Take your time, do lots of research, learn about critical thinking and logical fallacies, and above all, be honest with yourself. Good luck!

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