Silent And Sweet Rebellion Going On Within JW Organization!

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  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury
    They got to pretend to be a JW in some capacity to fly under the radar here.
  • cofty

    This is possibly their 5th or 6th attempt.

    The early ones were quite clumsy. There are certain signs and this guy ticks all the boxes.

    They prefer not to lie if they can be evasive but let's try...

    lsw1961 - Do you have any connection with the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University or any other organisation associated with it?

  • GodZoo
    Humility and non-cooperation with the arrogant is more powerful than a world war. Haven’t you heard of a man in India (named MK Gandhi) who brought to kneel the British Empire (that was ruling 2/3 of the earth at that time with iron rod) through his peaceful method called non-cooperation?

    War? Who said anything about war.. many here are just encouraging you to stop being a dishonest coward and stand up in the hall and say what you truly believe if indeed you even truly believe it. This is not war.. it's just being real.

    Now you presume to compare yourself Gandhi.. no he did not use war, but he certainly was not afraid to stand up and be counted.. Unlike yourself.

    Confrontation can only create some disfellowshippings, and accomplishes nothing!

    You mean your own...

    The very phrase “stand up and be counted” conjures up the vision of someone bravely accepting a challenge by choosing to end his comfortable season of inaction and taking steps that will draw the notice of all within eyeshot. Other phrases in our language carry similar imagery (“Who will stand with me?” or “Are you with me?”). Usually there is a price to be paid for such bravery though its cost is perceived to be less than the cost of inaction and its attendant consequences.

    I found another interesting paragraph concerning standing up and being counted..

    When people attacked Jesus and accused Him falsely, He remained totally non defensive and said nothing because He had nothing to hide. On the other hand, when people misused the house of God and used people for their own ends, or tried to hide their hypocrisy behind a facade of religious piety, or loved their man–made legalistic rules more than they loved people, Jesus spoke out against them in no uncertain terms.

    The bottom line is our motive. Jesus always did what He did because He loved God and He loved people. He attacked evil and wrong head on because it was destructive to those whom God loves.

    Conclusion: Your cowardice lack of any true sincerity is blatantly obvious. You ignore the very scriptures you claim to believe and live by and even the example of Jesus himself and attempt to weasel your way into said Kingdom by cowardly artifice, craft and your own constructed scheming.

    Yeah good luck with that..

    They got to pretend to be a JW in some capacity to fly under the radar here.

    Pretending to be anything that you are truly not involves all kinds of pretence, deception, being false and out and out lying on a daily basis. Well.. I don't know about any of you but to me any kind of lying defeats the entire object of everything.

    What a grand and utter farce..

  • punkofnice
    After 1975, the vast majority remained as though nothing has happened.

    I lived through this. I was a teenager. It was MEH!

    In recent years, these individuals are becoming more and more connected with each other in absolute confidentiality.

    People text each other and don't have real conversations. You can sit in a pub with mates and they are sucked into their phones rather than proper conversations. It has it's good and bad side I guess.

    they are found in “all nations” not just among JWs.

    People are people irrespective of which delusion they subscribe to.

  • Dismissing servant
    Dismissing servant

    So the core teachings are true and right......but not the other teachings....hmm

    So, tell us, why would God use his organisation in that way? Do you think God likes destuctive cults?

    And, why should God scare people away from his truth by using an american cult? Tht's not logical.

    By the might be a liberal adventist without knowing it!

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    so whats the outcome of this thread ? i cant be arsed reading it--not interested as soon as i see bits of the barble being quoted.

    can anyone offer a one sentence summary just to make life easier ?

  • punkofnice
    stan - As far as I can tell, a Brahma Kumaris dude is posing as a JW to recruit noobies into their cult.
  • lsw1961

    Witness My Fury and cofty

    It seems you both feel nervous seeing just two of my posts as it is obviously against your known stand.

    However, ours is wisdom in action. You people acted like a man who tried to take on a running goods train by his head (against JW system) thus lost everything.

    But here are many people like me still enjoying the countless benefits of JW system by being right in its midst supporting its good contributions, yet not being part of its evils. This is a great feat of balancing act which you people can be envious of (which you prove yourself by desparately accusing me for the sake of accusing—saying I am campaigning for some organization other than JWs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Can anyone speak more senselessness than this?

    Is this at the root of all atheists?

  • azor

    I will say it again. You exemplify cowardice. It is one thing to stay in because you believe you have to for family. It is quite another to come on this board and claim how good the high control group you are in is.

    Do you still go in your so called ministry. Do you have children/grand children you are raising in jwism? If you are and you do not act for their protection that is cowardice.

    You are a study case of Stockholm syndrome.

  • goingthruthemotions
    lsw1961...... you need to are so brainwashed, you can't see the forest through the tree's.
    when you post all i see is blah, blah, blah, blah.

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