Silent And Sweet Rebellion Going On Within JW Organization!

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  • lsw1961

    After 1975, the vast majority remained as though nothing has happened. But some left the organization. However, there arose a third category who did not leave the organization, but brought a new view into their heart: “JWs are right in their core cause (God’s Kingdom as the solution to mankind’s problems) but may or may not be right in their supplementary teachings, hence are not bothered about changes happening in this unimportant area.”

    In recent years, these individuals are becoming more and more connected with each other in absolute confidentiality. I am one among them. We freely share our thinking and views. Interestingly, we all think alike although we were, in the past, disconnected and found far flung. We all apply Ecclesiastes 12:12 (too many writings, reading them all is wearisome to us) primarily to WT writings and even to Scriptures. We give importance only to those verses dealing with God’s Kingdom and the Kingdom qualities needed to inherit it (such as Mathew 9:13; 25:31-40)

    JW system is like a caterpillar (like a worm), and those who have cultivated Kingdom qualities are like the butterfly (like a magical creature of beautiful colors that flies) and they are found in “all nations” not just among JWs. (Mathew 25:32) If anyone has the Kingdom qualities, he is already ‘on the right side’ of God, qualified to “inherit the Kingdom.” (Mathew 25:34).

  • prologos

    --- those who have cultivated Kingdom qualities are like the butterfly ----


    sounds exciting since the butterfly stage has all the sex in it. , but since Kingdom also implies rule, be wary.. sooner or later rule might show it's ugly metamorphosis again.

  • tim3l0rd


    Thank you for your posts. It's encouraging to know that there are some who are more rational within the org. I too agree that some teachings of JWs have merit. I don't agree that I need to belong to JWs in order to be saved. I may stay, but only because of family. I think there are plenty of other ways to spread the good news other than knocking on doors or standing by a cart.

    I hope that more rational JWs will continue to awaken, but there is no way that they can affect change. The org does not allow change from the R&F. The only change is from the top. They have repeatedly shown that the only time they will change is when forced to because of laws, court cases, or money. Maybe when the money dries up, they will start to realize how they have deviated from Christ.

    It's hard to live a double-life though and I'm not sure I can keep up the pretense that I believe all that the GB spouts. I think that is what many have issue with as well.

    I look forward to more discussions with you in the future.

    - TL

  • berrygerry
    This is an interesting post considering your other post.
  • berrygerry
    What do you / your group think of the newest teaching (by the Borg) about the evil slave in Matthew?
  • prologos

    berrygerry--group think--, an interesting concept, finely honed by the WTBtS inc.

    Does your group think that there was a talking snake, above Everest flood, walking on water, floating axes, sun standing still, reversing?

  • GodZoo

    Here we go again. Preaching masquerading as debate..

  • Ignoranceisbliss
    Is it possible that you and John Aquila were at the same splinter group meeting a few weeks ago?
  • azor

    ISW1961 you are no different than other Christians then. Pick and choose as you see fit. Thats not my Jesus many say. Ignoring all the inconvenient parts. Why is the scripture you highlighted any more valid then the others? Let me guess it fits into your world view.

    I used to think like you that I could change it from within. Than I read Crisis of Conscience. JWism needs to go the way of the dodo as in their own words their blood guilt is heavy and the stench is great.

    Do you still go in your so called ministry? Trapping others in this high control group. Setting them up for the mind manipulation so characteristic of the JW's.

    Did you ever watch the YouTube "Bending Truth"? It is only a half hour.

  • Listener

    Isw1961, Don't underestimate the power that you and those with the same thoughts as you, hold within the organization. I imagine it is the older ones leaving or turning away that cause the most concern for the higher ups - the GB and their helpers.

    It is an embarrassment for them that they can no longer lord it over them and for some higher ups, who are more sincere, they would have to question their teachings and actions.

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