Silent And Sweet Rebellion Going On Within JW Organization!

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  • wizzstick

    What deluded nonsense:

    JWs are right in their core cause (God’s Kingdom as the solution to mankind’s problems) but may or may not be right in their supplementary teachings, hence are not bothered about changes happening in this unimportant area.”

    You could re-word the above like this:

    The Church are right in their core cause (Christ as the solution to mankind’s problems) but may or may not be right in their supplementary teachings, hence are not bothered about changes happening in this unimportant area.”

    I've met church goers who admit that the Trinity may not be correct, BUT they said, they have faith in Christ to handle his church in the right way and in his time.

    See any difference? None. Both groups see the problems but stay.

    JW's refer to their faith as The Truth. Not the 'part-ly Truth', not 'The Truth on the core issues but maybe not the supplementary teaching'. It's The Truth. Nothing less.

    JW's have demonstrably false teachings, such as:

    • 1914
    • The Generation of Matt 24
    • New Light
    • The Great Crowd in being on Earth
    • Christ being the mediator only for the Anointed

    They have been a 100% false prophet. Every single prediction and speculation they have ever made has failed. They repeatedly claim to be under God's Spirit yet their track record betrays them.

    Looking at the above, and your point around "may not be right in their supplementary teachings, hence are not bothered about changes happening in this unimportant area.” have you ever stopped to think how this would make God look, if they were really his people.

    Apparently God condemns the Church as the centre of the Babylon the Great. It's condemned for it's false teachings. Yes His organisation can have false teachings, shun people who highlight this (for the rest of their lives) and that's absolutely fine.

    Have you never thought how God would look like a massive hypocrite? JW's like you think you're being clever but you're only looking at it from your perspective.

    Not how it makes God look.

    Look at this image below:

    Children dying because of some mens interpretation of blood in the Bible demonstrates how dangerous this group are.

    But I guess that's also one of those teachings which falls into your 'unimportant area'.


  • TheWonderofYou

    As the avove scripure shows the kingdom does not circle around real aloofed 144000 kings in a distinct place,

    its not a REAL (ABsolutistic) GOVERNMENT with obeying members, but is a kingdom of the LEAST ones., a kingdom of love for the least ones.

  • TheWonderofYou

    Further: In Gods Kingdom the issue is not DOMINANCE but SERVICE.

    Not the question who takes the best seat of the 144000, to the right or to the left of christ;

    is relevant but who serves most.

    This shows that the biblical language and symbols of King, 144000 thrones are only symbols,

    No absolute power comparable with human regimes is emphasized but the regiment of love

    Therefor if we pray the call "Come, return Jesus",(second coming) we are not afraid of Armageddon

    but we hope to see our brother-King Jesus again return like a king and judge full of mercy and love, as he was at the first time.

    The real kingdom = domain of Love is not comparable to "Jehovahs kingdom" preached by JW.

  • slimboyfat
    You have discovered that JWs don't have the truth like they claim but living with the consequences of that realisation is difficult. Instead of facing up to them you are trying to negotiate a way of retaining some sort of belief in the religion while satisfying your doubts and concerns. The problem is the JW religion allows no such negotiation. You either take or leave it. You are fooling yourself if you think JWs will accept you if you are open about your disagreements. And you are aware of this really, which is why you are here discussing these ideas with apostates rather than with fellow believers.
  • TheWonderofYou

    Do you remember the words of Christ about the Sabbath?

    Likewise it could be said that man is not made to serve the kingdom,

    but the kingdom is made to serve man.

    Indeed the Kindgom is inmidst of us, if Jesus is in our Heart, then it is.

    God does not want to be king without man, aloofed. A independent kingdom only administrating the human belongings on earth, is not what god intended!

    In ancient time if Jews said "The Kingdom", or "put the Kingdom First place in your life" it was the same as to say "love of God is on the first place and love to the neighbour on the second", the terms were interchangable. It circled around the spiritual regiment of God.

    It was not a loofed teaching about some magical kingdom or humanlike regiment. Do you see how "love" is always mentioned by Jesus, "love God... love neighbour".

    So it meant simply to put God (Gods domain) on the first place in ones life, the more people honour god, the more kingdom will be, so simple.

    So the kingdom is not an "invisible" present kingdom but a "present by carried out love kingdom", insofar we believe that Jesus lives, insofar we love God and we love the neigbhour = thats the Kingdom domain, then it is present in our heart and life.

    The actual presence of Gods domain of love is represented throught the symbol of bread and wine.

    So close as Love and mercy is in our heart and our brain, in our thoughts and feelings, so really present is gods kingdom

    Would you agree to may idea:

    Gods Kingdom = Regiment of Love ???

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    BERRYGERRY - "What do you / your group think of the newest teaching (by the Borg) about the evil slave in Matthew?" LOL!

    That "new light" - allegedly from the Magnificent 7 - was invented by a Christendom scholar who had it published in the NET Bible! (Matthew 24:48 footnote -

    Maybe Isw1961's group discovered that fact during their research, but such a truth would have to remain a secret amongst themselves. Sounds like a J.W. version of Opus Dei.

    Isw1961 - " Peace is our nature, hence we do not want to disturb the peace of the organization, hence we stick to the org--supporting all its goods, and ignoring all its evils."

    You/your group's admission that you are supporting the Org's "goods" - financially and/or proselytizing - should really give you cause for concern - "Whoever knows what is right to do and fails to do it, for him it is sin." (James 4:17 - RSV)

    You knowingly support the Org in its objectives - and "stick" to it - but criticise its "supplementary" teachings?

  • cofty

    There is no "kingdom" get over it.

    Jesus preached he was returning in kingdom power within the lifetime of his own generation and all his disciples would rule over the world.

    The NT is a story of a group of gullible hopefuls waiting for something that never happened.

    2000 years on christians are still waiting.

  • Ucantnome

    JWs are right in their core cause (God’s Kingdom as the solution to mankind’s problems) but may or may not be right in their supplementary teachings, hence are not bothered about changes happening in this unimportant area.”

    Surely one of there core causes is the preaching of the Messianic Kingdom established in 1914 and that God's Chariot stopped by and commissioned them to do a work like Ezekiel in 1919. I believe at this time they became the faithful and discreet slave class that was to give out the food at the proper time. Which includes the understanding of the stand on blood, disfellowshipping, elder arrangements etc. Such an event could hardly be something that may or may not have happened. Either it did or it didn't? Then as the name Jehovah's Witnesses implies you are identifying yourself with this are you not? As being a Witness in the context of the religion means that you are whole-souled in you devotion to Jehovah and that would include supporting the anointed in the work and activities that they were commissioned to do. The message I understood is the good news mentioned in Revelation 14:6/7 which includes a judgement message as the hour of judgement has arrived. That is my understanding of it, surely this is the core belief if I am right that you support by your identification as a JW.

    On another one of your threads you say this.

    'We should take benefit from each and every organization, and ignore the rest.'
    Are you saying that my family should remain a member of their religion and continue to attend church and just take the benefit of their organization and ignore the rest?
  • brandnew

    Well, all i gotta say is that...if you are sitting on the aint gonna get dude said....grow some balls, raise your hand at a meeting...and speak on it. Then expect to be dragged to a backroom to where you can be beaten verbally by a bunch of lames. Then come back here, licking your wounds, and understanding where we are coming from.

    Today is sunday.....have a go at it 😂

    Hope to hear how it went.. Nice to talk to ya !!!

    Mad Puppy

  • brandnew

    Oh yeah, and mention that all of us here said hi !!!!!!

    If you can......good luck.

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