Silent And Sweet Rebellion Going On Within JW Organization!

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  • lsw1961

    Humility and non-cooperation with the arrogant is more powerful than a world war. Haven’t you heard of a man in India (named MK Gandhi) who brought to kneel the British Empire (that was ruling 2/3 of the earth at that time with iron rod) through his peaceful method called non-cooperation?

    Similarly, we support JWs in all its goods; and extends non-cooperation towars all its evils!

    Confrontation can only create some disfellowshippings, and accomplishes nothing!

  • Alive!

    Funnily, just this weekend - hubby and I were talking about the adverse influence of the controlling aspect of the GB/FDS on our consciences.

    The organisation/The FDS teach us that they are God's mouthpiece.

    We are taught that obedience is non- negotiable unless we would care to be compared to Koran or whatever.

    Yet, all the time, our consciences are getting weakened and undermined by the implementation of strict and often unbiblical directives from these men.

    When we turn up, go out on service, attend meetings - we get counted in.

    We give the message to others that it's OK to be manipulated by leaders who don't seem to know what they are about.

    Instead of engaging the worldwide brotherhood in gentle discussion - they send out harsh and sometimes whacky 'new light' to be read, repeated and amened by an often bewildered population of believers.

    Some of us can't sipport that, even in a non cooperative way.

  • azor

    So you are Gandhi now. How delusional can you be. Scared to come forward and let those know within the kh who you really are. You sir are no gandhi. Just a coward trying to live with himself.

  • azor
    Do you still go in the so called ministry? Do you have children/grand children being brainwashed in this cult. Stop fooling yourself you are no gandhi.
  • azor

    Gandhi actually risked something. His life on many occasions. You are nothing like him. You are the antithesis of it. Hiding who you are and the group you are part of within the JW's. You referenced a group that has had differences since I975. Wow at this pace we may see some changes for the better within the jws by 2075.

  • TheWonderofYou

    Many like yoga many others not. Its the same with faith. Many like opera others not. We are not here to critizise someones likings or courage, I respect each man as wonder per se in the current stadium of personal development.

    Faith itself is already a talent that not everbody has, only those who go along with it, try it out, understand it. Mediation about a bible text, mediation about a watchtower or the daily text or may it be the life in a monstery or Gandhis attitute to fight or thinking about interpretation of Quoran..Faith is an experience and cant be "preached". Thinking about such things alone is for many too much and unnecessary lost of time. Nobody can be urged to correlate with the state of faith of someone else. We as ex-JW-community have big respect of someones creed or opinion.

    Therefore not everybody is ready to fight for something like Jesus fought for cleansing of the temple.

    Many want to remain silent and want to wait and simple be good in their heart. I understand that. In the face of organisational shunning, a world of marking and disfellowshippment it is clear that many think what they want but behave as covered agent for benevolence and help others. It is like living in a theocratic state, where you cant do anything and cant say anything, but Iran has become much better in the meantime too, even momen are allowed to elect.!

    They dont want to throw out the merchandisers from the temple. They dont destroy the donation boxes in the Kingdom halls, they dont destory the cash machines at the conventions as Jesus would have done perhaps.

    But remember always, Jesus didnot harm any people or deafs when he cleansed the temple, he simply bowled down the tables of the dealers and threw the money on the bottom, he didnot kill anybody in the temple with the sword, suicide attack or excommunicate the dealers or publicy denounce them as APOSTATE persons, but he shouted out against the evil practise and intervened (this was no sweet rebellion):

    Because he wanted that the people could pray to God in silence withouth the disturbance of moneybeggers. Jesus respected he dealers as human beings but stood up against the misuse of the place of worship. Against the evil but having the good for the dealer in mind, perhaps the dealer can be saved, the typical christian attitude, doing everything with the loving sweet intent.

    How many would have the courage to stand up and risk everything even the life or at least a good stand for such a seemingly unimportant fight against beggers and dealers in the organisation, only with the intent that the brothers can have a clean place of worship?

    I think I could not do that, i would be to anxious.


  • cofty

    I am now certain this guy is BK recruiter.

  • slimboyfat

    What does BK stand for?

    Threads are too long for me.

  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury
    I am now certain this guy is BK recruiter.

    ding ding ding, ... we have a winner.

    BK cult info here:

    They are a continual parasitic presence on this forum.

  • slimboyfat
    I thought he was defending JWs? Was that a smokescreen?

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