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  • pale.emperor

    Since I woke up and left I've been contacted by others I knew from my youth who've also left the cult. Also people around the world on Facebook adding me out of the blue because we have mutual friends and they occasionally ask me stuff or share their story.

    What I've noticed in the vast majority of cases, is that people are waking up not because of the ARC or doctrine but apathy. Active JWs are becoming less and less interested, less and less bothered. Being a Jehovah's Witness is not fun. Going to the meetings, knocking on doors, sitting down in a hot convention arena for 7 hours is not fun. The last two people I spoke to said they were fed up with the claim that non-JW friends are like this or that, when in fact they knew that they wernt the way Watchtower describes them at all.

    I felt like this myself for the final 3 years of my active JW life. I thought "I dont want to live in paradise, i'd rather just live my life and die at the end". I think I mentioned this in one of my very first posts. It was due to the fact that a JW must work, work, work to be even in the congregation - let alone in good standing. Constantly scrutinizing oneself (and others), having no day free to just relax and being told that if you're relaxing you're not giving your all.

    Remember when Tony Morris told the 8 million JWs that they need to be preaching even more? That when armageddon comes Jehovah will look at their hands and see blood on them? Who wants or needs to hear that? Worshiping a god should be a joy, a pleasure. Coming back from a religious observance should be refreshing. Coming back from a convention where Tony Morris is telling you that whatever number you're putting on your report slip you're still not doing enough isn't refreshing. Worshiping Jehovah The Org isn't a joy.

    The GB are boring and depressing the members out of the org. With no yearbooks, wafer thin mags that will now be printed indefinitely on a rota basis, the lack of convention releases, the serious dumbing down of "spiritual food", the media exposing them and still the promise of armageddon (just around the corner since 1875), the command to start shunning inactive family is making people think "even if this is the truth is it worth it?".

    Tony Morris shown how truly devoid of compassion the GB are by declaring in 2014:

    “Sometimes folks talk about this relative and that relative, and you know they’re baptized but they’re going through a hard time, and they’re not preaching…and you know they talk about Jehovah like he’s gonna understand and all that, and I’m like ‘what Jehovah are they talkin’ about?’ – I don’t know him. He’s not in here. That’s YOUR idea. It’s serious business. It’s life and death whether we share in the warning work.” -

    People just dont care. That's the response I've had from those I've spoke to anyway.

  • Sail Away
    Sail Away

    Pale.emperor, this is exactly why I walked away after 42 years! Nothing was ever good enough-- constant reminders to do more in the ministry, because so many people (including my children) were going to die and, most importantly, there was no way I was going to shun my son.

    Six months before I left I had an Intensive Out-Patient (IOP) hospitalization for severe, recurrent clinical depression and PTSD. I wouldn't call it apathy. I was in tremendous emotional pain and simply couldn't live life that way any longer.

    I chose life here and now with my family over a promise of living forever without them. Best decision ever. I'm seven years out now and am off all prescription medications. I do still struggle with mild depression and PTSD, so I see a therapist, meditate and use medical marijuana as needed.

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    We used to be waiting to live. All our JW life was on hold until the reward. I got to thinking, "What if this reward business is bullshit? Then I have wasted the one life I have. Dropped it all pronto. Of course there was more involved but that sums it up.

  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    Nice one P.E.

    I feel that many JW's are so sick and tired of hearing the needle stuck on the org's broken record - it's coming soon, soon, soon, soon, soon, soon, soon, soon, soon, soon, soon, soon!!!!!!!!!

  • Xanthippe

    It was all very well when you were living within an actual generation of 1914, well the one they give, three score and ten. But when it's been 104 years and they're still telling you to do more, it's just around the corner, come on!

    Thats good news by the way that people are just leaving because they're fed up, PE. Very good news.

  • Spiral

    Pale, you are so correct. I was asked recently (by a non-JW) why I left the religion. It all comes down to feeling suffocated and bored to tears. Anything you want to do is wrong, you just have to keep on the hamster wheel until they give you permission to stop or die. I too came to the conclusion that if I had to live like that forever, I would rather opt out. I can't even contemplate stepping in a KH now.

  • asp59
    That they only interested in preaching and other part of Bible they never show much interest in. Like NOT having appointment base on being sound of mind, loving and development as a speaker. GB is great proof of that. Always choosing Bible verses that are according to what they like to do preaching. Double standard in everything just tired me out. Plus all the fighting and suspicious they have to echader in KH.
  • EverApostate

    Those who dare to do a little critical thinking would be fed up and leave.

    But the majority of Jws are too afraid to think or they wouldnt leave due to famiy reasons.

    And I estimate this religion would survive for a while

  • Diogenesister

    That Antony Morris has got some serious anger issues. He really has. He's just so darn nasty to everyone.

    I'd love to know how much preaching he does. This drab little man who bullied and bought his way into the GB would condemn loving Christians who have slaved and given up, or lost, goodness knows what for the org, and he, LOOKS FORWARD to condemning them to death???

    Oh, and it's not the good news of the kingdom anymore but " THE WARNING WORK". Guess who's gonna vote first to begin the " message of judgement".....that'd be right up his alley.

    Rant over And out :-))

  • sparky1

    "Antony Morris has got some serious anger issues." - Diogenesister


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