Do You Think Disfellowshipping Is The Worst Thing About Jehovah’s Witnesses?

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  • Rattigan350

    Minimus said "Rattigan, are you supportive of the Watchtower??"

    Watchtower? There is no Watchtower anymore. It is an irrelevant magazine and corporation name.

    I'm in between the JW and apostate movement. I find both to be wrong and repugnant that is because both have the trait of not listening to others and are closed minded.

  • Rattigan350

    Tameria2001 said "Rattigan350, the shunning does not stop after someone is reinstated. When I was still an active JW I several JWs who did what they needed to do to get reinstated, and most were still shunned. Yes, the brothers and sisters would speak to them at the kingdom hall, but they were still looked upon as someone you should be leary of. Whenever there were congregation gatherings outside of the meetings or field service, those individuals were not given an invite."

    If that happened, they were not following what the scriptures said and the counsel of the elders. But then you would not want to be with those people anyway so what is the problem?

  • Rattigan350

    LoveUniHateExams - The two-witness rule is applied to everything and everyone equally and it should not have exception for child sex abuse cases. Due process is due process. This is just a for people to easily attack the Witnesses with something easy to get public opinion behind. Attacking the Witnesses or Watchtower should never be a motivation. Making your life the best it can be should be one's only motivation.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    The two-witness rule is applied to everything and everyone equally and it should not have exception for child sex abuse cases

    ^^^ unbelievable comment right there.

    Many children from a JW background have been abused and are still waiting for justice. Abused JW kids are treated worse in the cult than abused kids are treated in 'the world'.

    Go watch the Australian Royal Commission, among other things.

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    Due process doesn't play into it. Some committees go on witch hunts others do everything to cover up things for favorites. As for being liberating, how is a 14 year old being kicked from home for in? And I have seen this "encouraged" by powerful elders

  • minimus

    Rattigan is an apologist for the Watchtower. Rat knows what Watchtower is...just playing dumb. Rat seems to think the judicial process is scripturally correct. This is simply not the case. The entire process is bad. Elders are as qualified to be judges as children are.

  • BluesBrother

    It is not the principle of d/f that is bad, it is the application of it. If you break the rules or publicly argue against the beliefs they have the right to expel you from the cong.

    BUT that need not be a cause for shunning a person. One be regarded as an outsider in the sense that they know you are not one of the group..... . Shunning, however is cruel especially within families .

  • poopie

    No shunning is

  • poopie

    Shunning very bad example a friend of mine was recently df because he was sexting and squeezing on his fiance. He was df she was not they got married a week after he was df. Because he was liveing with parents the elders counseled the mom who is a witness not to eat at same table with her son and new daughter in law mind you the df son owns the house and the father who livees there is not a witness that's just cruel

  • ShirleyW

    The absolute worst thing is how they have messed with peoples physical health regarding the blood issue. Many have died thinking they were pleasing Almighty Jah when, in fact it's just a made up rule by 7 drunken men who resided in Brooklyn. That's the absolute worst thing they have done and are still doing.

    Now the 7 drunken ones now say it's ok to take blood fractions? Where does a blood fraction come from, blood !!

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