Exjw activists protesting inside a Kingdom Hall today!

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  • flipper

    Although not the most effective way to get JW's to think - ( persecution complex aside yada, yada, ) I agree with Dubstepped that if just one or two JW's start researching the Internet from this aggressive approach, it will be two less mind controlled drones trapped for their entire life. And before you start berating me Morpheus AKA " For fuck sake , nobody was started to thinking over it " ! I suppose you think you can read the mind of every single JW sitting in the infernal kingdom hall - we never can tell just who this behavior might scare straight.

    That being said - I wouldn't do it, I tend to have more calm one on one conversations with JW's approaching them casually on the streets. I do admire the balls, the fortitude of these ex-JWs though. These are people who, like us, have been hurt extremely by this criminal WT organization and there is such a thing as ' freedom of speech ' . That being said, indeed it might do some harm than good, but it might help someone get shocked to their senses as well.

    I don't spend my time 24 /7 as an EX-JW activist, I have lots of other interests & hobbies, like running a business, doing my music, but I do occasionally speak up against the WT and JW cult informing people in random situations. Even have left news flyers on information boards at supermarkets .

    Whatever it takes to expose the WT Society for being corrupt is a good thing. WT is busy dishing out shit about us as Ex-JWs - so what are we all gonna do ? Be quiet and STFU ? If we are totally quiet- what the hell does THAT accomplish ? Nothing.

    I see this as not an " all or nothing " type of thing. Black and white thinking on this board permeates something fierce. It's either " all this way " or " all that way " - but life is full of gray areas . How about landing somewhere in the middle and us personally doing what we can to expose the evils of the WT Society in our own way ? Just my 2 cents. O.K. Let the bullets fly. I have my freaking armor on. lol. Didn't tell you I'm an extra on ' Game of Thrones " I can take it , pretty tough hombre.

  • Phoebe

    They might have meant well and I was watching it on Youtube, but I'm with dubstepped and Desirousofchange, this will just reinforce the crazy apostate image and will make JWs close ranks.

    They will think it's all part of Satan's attack on them. It won't change anyone, it will do the opposite.

    What might be effective is a Leah Remini show with heart breaking stories from exJWs. I cried through a lot of those episodes. That might move people if they watch it. Bursting into kingdom halls, no matter how good the intentions, will make matters worse.

    But I do applaud Parker and gang for going up to Warwick. Parker said, he very respectfully went to the gate (coached by Spike R - who is a lovely ex-elder) and asked if the GB would see them. They weren't available so Parker explained why they were there.

    I thought it was petty of the bethel to turn the sprinklers on when it was raining.

    I was watched it all on live feed on Parker's Youtube channel and Spoonfednomore as well.

    Rightly or wrongly these exJws have good intentions.

  • _Morpheus

    Really? How do you judge their intentions?

  • redvip2000
    Not to mention that it's a violation to free speech, freedom of religion, free assembly and disrupting the peace.

    Perhaps disrupting the peace, certainly not the others. I actually thought that these folks were fairly moderate and spoke reasonably. Yes it's true they were disruptive, but the points they made were fairly sound, and I have a hard time believing that the folks in attendance are going to let that go without looking into it.

    Also once they got outside, they again spoke fairly calmly and addressed specific issues. I'm not sure if I have an issue with what they did.

  • sparrowdown

    Oh I don't know. It's the self righteous double standard of Jws that gets me. They feel they have a god given right to go door to door and insist people watch a propoganda video for their cult, or set up booths in very public spaces but people are not allowed to say anything that doesn't praise or ask questions they don't like.

  • Fisherman
    they again spoke fairly calmly

    It is not words that people fear. With a climate of crazy people going around shooting these days, an innocent person cannot predict what a person disrupting church services is going to do next.

  • _Morpheus

    Exactly. You dont care about results. You dont care about how those being spoken to receive the message. Its about some sort of stupid “justice”, seeing jws tactics thrown back at them, at least in your mind.

    heres the problem: your analogy is flawed. It would only be analogous be if the dumbasses knocked on the door of the KH and offered a presentation.

    Now multiply your feelings about your flawed analogy by 1000 and you begin to understand the selfish motives of the dumbasses who recorded themselves disrupting the meeting. It was never about the exposing the org.

  • Alfred

    Morpheus… That’s really extraordinary. The fact that you’re able to straightforwardly reach deep inside each of their minds from such a distant location and still reach the conclusion that they’re all out for themselves is quite a feat. You should really consider opening your own psychic hot-line. What with all of your ability to decrypt the minds of ex-JWs, you can easily become a psychic mogul overnight. Just saying.

  • WTS Archive
    WTS Archive
    You know whats telling.... not once has anyone said they woke up to the truth about the truth over a protest like this. Not once. Not evem the dumb asses protesting woke up because of a protest.
    _Morpheus: How can you say something like that? Did you speak to every JW who saw every protest in the world?
    I can assure you that your statement is simply not true. We had a person contacting us who woke up exactly because they saw us protesting earlier this year. I have reports of others. And no idea about how many started to wake up but didn't contact us. We also spoke to several "studies" at the convention and all said they will look what we've said up and if it's true, they will stop studying.
    Now I'm not saying that the protest in Warwick was perfect. Probably far from it, because it was the first protest of this scale organized by those guys. If they keep going over time it will get better. But one thing I can see right now is your hostility towards those guys, which for me is totally unfounded.
  • Phoebe


    Yes, I believe their intentions are good. Not everyone is out to make a name for themselves or become YouTube stars. Some of these people genuinely care that pedophiles roam freely in this organization, that people are dying and families are being broken up. I am glad they are there, speaking out. They give a voice to someone like me, who has suffered at the hands of a person who has climbed the theocratic ladder so high that when I reported him for my childhood abuse, I was ignored. I was told to 'live with it' Do you know what it's like when people turn their back on you and you're the victim? It's like being abused all over again.

    Spike R said 'fix the 2 witness rule, change the blood policy and stop the shunning and he'll go away'

    I'm grateful for these people.

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