Exjw activists protesting inside a Kingdom Hall today!

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  • Diogenesister

    Orphan Crow You get a like from me! It's visually interesting so something the media would definitely pick up on.

    you and the broken kite are correct, focusing on Watchtowers treatment and attitude to women and children is a great idea....especially in terms of attracting media attention. It also ties in with issues around treatment of CSA and rape victims, too, and again targeting interested parties would garner more support and media exposure for any protests.

    Perhaps having A. one issue to focus on in a protest is the best idea. Also B.itineraries or a programme for the day? These seem to be two areas of future improvement.

    It would also be wonderful to co ordinate protests at other branches - such as Poland, Australia and the UK - to give those who can't travel to the US a chance to participate.

  • OrphanCrow
    brokenkite: All diapers aside, I think the treatment of women in the religion is a very worthy problem to harp on and make more public

    Absolutely it is. It is a fundamental doctrine that is responsible for much damaging behavior. The lack of women in positions of power was one of the primary criticisms leveled by the ARC towards the Org.

    Changes will not happen within the org until and unless there is a shift in power and where that power shift has to occur is within the women members. Women have to stop being silent - they are the majority and they have no voice. They are nothing in the WT power structure. And they will remain nothing until they have the full support of exJW males.

    About the diapers - if the public knew that JW women were required to wear diapers on their heads, it would likely raise a lot of eyebrows. Heh - maybe we should just have a diaper hat contest to see who can come up with the best diaper hat. Or maybe we can have a diaper mailing drive - you know, "Mail a Diaper to a GB" campaign. Send diapers to Warwick. Or to branch offices wherever you are. Flood the org with diapers.

  • _Morpheus

    Women who are raped and df’d for it..? Seriously? Its that sort of lunatic ranting that highlights so called apostate activism and why so many wont involve themselves.

    I have said before and will say again, i saw several of these marchs at bethel. It didnt phase me in the least. I’ve seen dozens of these over the years at what were then called district conventions in richmond va and reading PA. Never made the least impact.

    Its all self aggrandizing shit. Its designed to make the ACTIVIST feel important. Its designed to make the ACTIVIST feel better. Making jackasses of yourself during a church service is in no way about helping the congregants see the nature of their cult and the jackasses who did it damn well know it. It was recorded and thrown on the internet to make themselves self styled apostate heros.

    I slow clap for you. Congratulations.

    I hope you feel better now.

  • Gayle

    Just concerned about the legal "Right to Peaceful Assembly."

    I know to peacefully protesting 'outside' the property would be fine. However, going 'inside' a KH to protest may not be legal. ?

    (I do chuckle how Zeb remains so calm and unemotional and thankful and sweet sounding, even all the way out the door as he is escorted. (?) His manner seems to confuse the elders.

  • ttdtt

    That was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • thebrokenkite

    @Morpheus That was the unfiltered version of my impressions from yesterday, too.

  • konceptual99

    The reality is that JWs simply are not *that* extreme. Of course it is possible to highlight a number of issues but you don't go to a meeting and hear outrageous hate speech, violent oppression of people, highly visible sexism and so on. To most people Witnesses are essentially a slightly odd but harmless religion. Most people are happy to allow Witnesses to exercise their freedom to worship as they see fit.

    Even the child abuse issues are not enough to cause a major upset, after all many organisations have historic child abuse issues and it's certainly not something that is endemic within the organisation or intrinsic to a Witness way of life.

    The protesters therefore are as irrelevant to the masses as the Witnesses themselves, if not more so since small scale protests and disruption can easily be assumed to be the work of those with a chip on their shoulder, a petty axe to grind.

    I respect everyone's right to work out their opposition to the WTS in whatever way they see fit just so long as it legal however there direct activism such as this has, as far as I can tell, a zero percent success rate in changing anyone's mind.

    The mass media will only be interested in the WTS if a serious scandal comes to light. The most productive method of getting people to stop being Witnesses is through the internet and having material out there that the questioning person comes across and that strikes a chord with them.

  • mentalclarity

    Have to agree with _Morpheus here. What is the objective here? Trying to sway other JW's with protests like this? Yeah, that doesn't happen. I remember seeing the apostates outside the assembly halls- never made me doubt/question. If anything, it probably added to my thinking they were a little crazy. If we really get into a JW mindset- they are going to spin this as Great Tribulation stuff-part of the signs of being persecuted.

    Protests are a fad and not really effective imho. I can probably find a protest going on in my community in some form or another EVERYDAY. literally - no one cares (except those participating in the protest).

    Twenty years ago we didn't have access to all the online info we have today. This is by far more effective. Have the info out there and "they will come" when they are ready.

  • undercover

    I can not fathom why anyone who managed to leave this religion behind would want to waste their time 'infiltrating' a KH meeting.

    I don't like this religion. I still have family in, and can't get them out. But I have to continually remind myself of this fact: Everyone has a right to their own beliefs/religion. If someone so chooses to be a JW, then so be it. I can't change that religion anymore than I can change the Catholic church, nor do I care to even try. If logic and reasoning does not convince someone that maybe their belief system is faulty, then I leave them be.

    Waste your time playing cloak and dagger if you want, I'll be home watching NFL football. A much better use of my time.

  • Alfred

    Undercover... I agree. I would much rather spend my spare time watching football also.

    However, I really can't blame others for "infiltrating" meetings if that gives them any sense of purpose or accomplishment (whether I feel it's a total waste of time or not).

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