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  • moomanchu

    JW coworker who was on vacation came back to work today sporting a brand new beard! I did a double take and just started laughing. He didn't see me, but wow what idjut tools. LOL

  • mortimer

    I'm a PIMO and the change in the beard edict has been quite humorous at the KH where I attend. Local management is now running around sporting new beards like adolescents taking their puberty out for a spin, to prove their loyalty to the men on the GB. I'm thinking that some kind of decree went out from HQ to the local managers encouraging them to show their solidarity with Stephen Lett's propaganda delivery.

    How convenient that Lett left out the origins of that false edict stemming from Rutherford's political maneuvers to which he signed Jehovah's name in an act of supreme defiance of Deut 18:20. It's especially cute how Lett tells the audience how they should or shouldn't feel about this reversal of an illegitimate and anti-biblical edict without coming clean about its origins and that now politicians and businessmen sometimes wear beards (legitimating them) as though some number of these men haven't before and as though Satan's system is the standard bearer when convenient for the GB (United Nations, anyone?). Once again the GB proves to be a bunch of bumbling buffoons in panic mode now that the era of the internet is upon us and their lies can't be obfuscated so readily.

    Don't get me wrong, a well trimmed beard (and mustache for that matter) has ALWAYS been dignified and appropriate. Why, rumor has it that Jesus, a Jew, where the custom was to wear the facial hair and whose Gilletting would bring humiliation, wore one himself; the JW's 1950's sophistry of self-serving and biblically untrue depictions of Jesus bare-faced notwithstanding.

  • LeeMerk

    Did I hear it correctly in that video? The reason th bare faced Jesus in the old publication showed up was because they listened to what an archeologist was saying at the time? Never heard that one before and what was the all about?

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere


    I remember imperfection caused hairy faces so Jesus was shown with only fuzz.

    I also remenber the standard was shaving twice a day and flattops. Neighbor witness who kept a stubble is now shaving clean. The adolescent comment is true.

  • DesirousOfChange
    Did I hear it correctly in that video? The reason th bare faced Jesus in the old publication showed up was because they listened to what an archeologist was saying at the time?

    The local rumor around here, as presented by a CO many years ago, was that a child questioned why JC had no beard when the law required men to not shave. This "innocent" inquiry got "the brothers" at Bethel to review and reverse their depictions of JC.

    Anyone else ever hear that story?

  • Leathercrop

    Im assuming any facial hair is now permitted. Goatees..soul patches..etc

  • Vidiot
    mortimer - “…like adolescents taking their puberty out for a spin…”


  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    Mi hernana amiga called to talk to wife. Said the brothers look terrible with stubble. As predicted, a lot of beards are sprouting, few know the drill, how to trim, or know the better course is to take a vacation to start. Wait til they get to the ingrown hair and itch stage🙂.

  • Teddnzo

    This is doing the rounds along with other memes what Is worrying is that PIMI JWs laugh this off and never think about this assurance that we were told millions now living will never die. They have now all died who remember 1914. Yet JWs are laughing at the never shave part.

  • Riley

    I went to pick my wife up today and see about half the men are now growing beards.

    I thought it was funny.

    It made them look like a bunch of half wit cultist who live their lives at the whims of a body of wizards.

    An elder ( without a beard ) talked to me and I told him I think the beards make them look sloppy. He changed the subject right away like he didn't even hear what I just said to him.

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