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  • BluesBrother

    Joking apart, I was a little surprised that they did not specify “ neat and well groomed beards” . As it is the GB have given a green light to wannabe ZZ Top lookalikes….

  • hoser

    They’ll have to print an announcement with pictures to put on the bulletin board to show different styles of beards and what is allowed and not allowed.

    Just like the pictures of what is allowable dress when visiting the branches.

  • Rattigan350

    The issue is that people just don't care about their appearances anymore. They would rather be rebels, without a cause.

  • WingCommander

    Hey Barbara:

    Just an FYI: This GB announcement follows on the heels of a similar announcement 3 years ago - from the MORMON GB!!! They too decided to announce that beards for non-Missionaries and Elders were now ok.

    So once again, just like their website, Sophia cartoon (yes, Mormons have a cartoon Sophia too!) the JW GB are playing "catch up." This is really pathetic and a sight to behold. SMH.

  • Biahi

    Hi, Wing Commander, funny you should mention the Mormons. I’m reading a book 5hat I got for my birthday called Under the Banner of Heaven, about the origins of the Mormon faith. WOW, the similarities are striking. What witnesses cal “theocratic warfare”, Mormons call “Lying for the Lord.”

    They also called the Native Americans “Lamanites”, and claimed that in the future, these darker skinned would, in the Last Days, become “white and delightsome people “. Just as CT Russell claimed would happen to African Americans in the “new system.” Cults have so many similarities!

  • WingCommander


    Mormons also use Jehovah's name, don't believe in the Trinity, have a Governing Body (composed of 12 Apostles), had a nice website first, have a cartoon "Sophia", now allow beards, have Elders, and also have closed-door judicial-style committees to discipline members.

    But honestly, Mormons and Scientology are a whole other level of creepy-cult bullshit.

  • AndersonsInfo

    Hey, Ron W, we loved your Methuselah beard saga. Great take off from our posted 2024 prediction of the way events stackup in Watchtower land.

    Barbara and Joe

  • AndersonsInfo

    Sisters begin questioning when will they be allowed to wear pants to the meetings, in field service, and when cart sitting, etc. They are counseled for rebellious thinking and loose talk. The C.O. has to get involved.

    Some sisters decide to stop shaving legs, underarms, etc. They announce that they should not be held to standards that men are not held to. The C.O. has to make a special visit to reign them in.

    A movement of sisters refusing to have sex with their husbands grows so large that the GB says it constitutes grounds for divorce. KHs are burned to the ground and it becomes the talk of mainstream media. Attendance drops to 5% of pre-pandemic numbers. WTC files for bankruptcy and half of the GB are forced to retire.

    All of this leads to the GB being forced to placate the sisters with a new edict that they can wear pants.
  • Foolednomore

    Andersoninfo- you should of seen the dirty looks when my wife went to my father's Jw funeral in a Black business suit. My wife stated that the Jw's where cold, fony, and plastic with their dealings with strangers.

  • Vidiot
    AndersonsInfo - “…WTC files for bankruptcy…”

    Personally, I suspect that if/when they did that, the act would undermine the claim of “God’s Exclusive Earthly Organization” so much, they’d never recover.

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