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  • TD

    I have a counter offer

    You've made a lot of mistakes on this thread. On page 12, for example, you posted what appears to be a partial picture of an Apollo LM module together with the following statement:

    Some people actually still believe this tinfoil wonder actually flew the distance between the moon and the earth with three men and equipment in it🤣

    Atop the the third stage (the S-IVB) of the Saturn rocket was a section called the LM adapter, which connected the third stage to the Service Module. The LM adapter safely housed the Lunar Module, separating into four sections only after the third stage was spent. Here is a diagram of the layout:

    The three astronauts, who were in the Command Module, then docked with the Lunar Module and prepared for orbital insertion.This procedure had been rehearsed during both the Apollo 9 & 10 missions. Once Lunar orbit had been achieved, two of the astronauts would get into the Lunar Module and prepare for descent.

    Your righteous incredulity is therefore misplaced. The Lunar Module did not carry three astronauts; it carried two. (Mistake 1) It did not carry them from the earth to the moon. It carried them from the Command Module down to the lunar surface and back (sans the descent stage) (Mistake 2) It did not "fly" under propulsion, it was carried in a compartment specifically designed for that purpose. (Mistake 3)

    If you can respond honestly and intelligently when somebody untangles one of these ignorant social media posts, then maybe we can talk. Otherwise, I'm going to have to agree with others, that you're trolling.

  • TonusOH

    I must be getting old, I can't spot trolls until they make it obvious anymore. Or are they just getting that good?

  • Disillusioned JW
    Disillusioned JW

    Indoubtbigtime, though you claim to believe the teachings of the JW religion (except in regards to the governing body's Covid-19 policy), the JW religion teaches that NASA really did land spacecraft and humans onto the surface of the moon. Perhaps you were not aware that the JW religion teaches such. The JW religion (through its Awake! magazine) teaches (though not as a religious doctrine) as an observable fact that NASA spacecraft and NASA astronauts landed onto the moon from 1969-1972. They say it on their website.

    See the Awake! (g74) issue of August 22, 1974 on pages 13-16 in the article called "Whatever Happened to the Moon Trips?" (which can be read online at the preceding link). [I have that issue in a bound volume of the Awake! in my home.] It says in part the following (I added boldface for emphasis).

    'ON July 20, 1969, millions of people all over the world were ‘glued’ to their television sets. They were watching an amazing accomplishment​—the first man was setting foot on the moon.

    As the American astronaut stepped onto the surface of the moon, he spoke of a “giant leap for mankind.” The imaginations of people everywhere were excited. Some considered this a breakthrough into space. There was talk of manned flights to other planets, even “to the stars.”

    But the six moon landings by Americans ended three years later in 1972; there have been none since then.

    ... True, there were definite accomplishments made on the moon trips. Just getting there was one of the greatest feats in human history. Also, more information about the moon and other parts of the solar system was obtained. And some things were learned that could be applied to industrial use.

    ... the more than 800 pounds of moon rocks brought back from the six moon landings ....'

    Though that JW article makes a number of negative and even discouraging comments about space travel, it nonetheless claims as observable definite fact that NASA spacecraft and NASA astronauts did land onto the surface of the moon, accomplishing 6 landings from 1969-1972.

    In 2011 the JW religion reported said that NASA rockets crashed into the moon and that as a result NASA discovered huge amounts of water on the moon. The April 2011 issue of the Awake! in its "Watching the World" section said in part the following (I added some boldface to the article for emphasis).

    'Water on the Moon

    Scientists who crashed a two-stage rocket into the moon’s surface say that they detected water in the plume of dust created. The cloud was examined by spectrometers​—instruments that analyze the composition of materials by isolating the wavelengths of light that they absorb or emit. “We’re unlocking the mysteries of our nearest neighbor and by extension the solar system,” stated Michael Wargo, chief lunar scientist at NASA headquarters in Washington, D.C. More recently, a moon probe revealed that there are millions of tons of water at the moon’s north pole.'

    Since you say you believe the JW religion (except regarding Covid-19 vaccine policy) are you now going to accept that NASA really did land spacecraft and astronauts onto the moon? Or, are you now going to believe the JW religion and its WT organization is incorrect in teaching that it is an observable fact that NASA really did land spacecraft and astronauts onto the moon?

    Most likely you are troll. If you are one, I wonder I if you will now stop being such regarding the moon landings, when posting in this forum topic.

  • Disillusioned JW
    Disillusioned JW

    Thanks TD for you post in which you included a picture of the lunar lander being safely enclosed in the rocket ship, thus indicating that the lunar lander was safely enclosed while leaving the Earth's atmosphere. Days ago I had intended to point out that the lander was enclosed in the rocket ship until separating from the command module (during lunar orbit), but I hadn't yet found detailed documentation of such, until you made your post. Though it now quite obvious that Indoubtbigtime, is a troll, it is still important for other readers to see the proof that the moon landings really did happen.

  • Disillusioned JW
    Disillusioned JW

    TonusOH, Indoubtbigtime did say to doubt everything. He/she showed us that we should consider that someone making posts on this site might be a troll.

  • slimboyfat

    Staying in the KH ‘for all the benefits’ is like staying in a cave for all the sunshine ☀️ 🤔

  • TD

    " is still important for other readers to see the proof that the moon landings really did happen."


    To be fair though, I don't know what it was like to grow up in era of high quality digital pictures and equally high quality edits of those pictures. I'm sure it would affect your perspective.

    Starting in 1958, the U.S. and Russia made 10 unsuccessful attempts at lunar orbits and hard landings. They all crashed and burned for one reason or another.

    In September of 1959, the Soviets succeeded with Luna 2. --First man made object on the moon. It was a hard landing, but the probe released a sodium cloud before it impacted so the whole world would know.

    In October of 1959, Luna 3 did a successful flyby. --First time mankind saw the dark side of the moon:

    In August of 1966, the Lunar Orbiter 1 (U.S.) photographed an Earthrise for the first time.

    Two years late, the Soviet probe, Zond 6 did the same:

    In 1970, Zond 8 did it again:

    The only way to make a conspiracy work, is to include Russia in it, which seems very unlikely, as the two sides would have loved to discredit each other's accomplishments.

    My question for indoubtbigtime would be this: Является ли Космическая программа СССР частью вашего заговора?

  • Indoubtbigtime

    Can someone explain the difference in distance between the moon and earth in those two black and white pics above?

    are you claiming they are not fake pictures?

    there has never ever been a picture of the entire earth or one from the moon showing the earth that is not fake.

    Its been a long time now nobody has even attempted to claim my £200.

    hey do you think if they really could put men on the moon over half a century ago then why wouldn’t they put a camera on the moon facing the earth?

  • Disillusioned JW
    Disillusioned JW

    Indoubtbigtime, I don't see any problem between the apparent distance between the Earth and Moon in the two pictures posted by TD on page 15 of this topic thread. That is because when a person looks at objects, ones that are in space, from the vantage point of the Moon or the Earth it is very hard to judge the distance between the objects. That is because we don't see a series of objects between what is on Earth all the way to what is on the moon (or between whatever other orbs [such as stars, planets, or moons] in space we are looking at), and as a result we don't have much to guide our perspective vision to form an accurate interpretation of the distance between the objects.

    For example, when I look up at the moon from my home and see trees in my neighborhood in the foreground, with the tree tops aligned directly in my line of sight with the Moon, it looks like the Moon is very close to the tree tops (but with the Moon looking very small though we know if is very large). It looks like the Moon in only an inch or centimeter away or less, but obviously the actual distance is vastly greater. It looks like I would be able to grab the Moon from the sky if I climbed the tree and reached out the Moon, yet we know I wouldn't be able to grab the Moon from any place on Earth.

    Likewise if align directly in my sight the rooftop of my home with that of the Moon or the Sun, the Moon or the Sun can look like it is only a centimeter or less from the rooftop (but with the Moon or the Sun looking very small, like the size of a coin), but if I were to climb onto the roof I obviously wouldn't be able to reach the Moon or the Sun. Right Indoubtbigtime? Have you also noticed such Indoubtbigtime? Try the experiments yourself.

    If I look at objects (including ones in my front yard, or anyplace on a the city block I am standing at) through my binoculars (which has a magnification of 10 times) the objects look much closer to me and much closer to each other, than they appear without me looking at them through binoculars, yet the images I see through the binoculars are not fake. Right Indoubtbigtime?

    In the bottom picture (posted by TD on page 15 of this topic thread) the Earth looks much smaller than in top picture (of the same post), and that is probably mostly due to the degree of magnification. I am claiming that those pictures (made by Russia) posted by TD are not fakes, likewise for the pictures supplied by NASA showing both the Moon and the Earth. Indoubtbigtime I claim thus your £200, but since it is up to you decide if a specific picture is fake or not and since you are skeptical (or at least claim to be skeptical) of NASA's and Russia's pictures which were shown to you, I don't believe you will give me the £200.

  • TD

    Zond 8, Frame 3 (Опять же, это Космическая программа СССР)

    Cue up conspiratorial music:

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