Australian Royal Commission Findings released

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    Thanks, Mephis...I'll work on the Google drive suggestion as there would be too many screenshots. :)
  • snare&racket

    In 2015, everybody has access to largely, as much information as they want. I am sorry but I have little to no sympathy for anyone associated with this organisation anymore. Ignorance is no longer an excuse. World governments have found the individual leaders disinterested in the abuse of children within. World governments have found their practices dangerous, cold and highly controlling.

    Bleat on about how this is Satan speaking through his governments sll you want, but to believe that you have to ignore the child abuse we all heard about, knew about, and find shameful. You have to ignore the distant, cold and controlling nature of the hierarchy within this belief system. To question is too much as a JW, worse, to merely doubt their right to power in the governing body, is a thought crime.

    if you remain, or worse, keep your children within this debacle of ignorant and dangerous doctrine, I really have no sympathy left for you, it is all for your children whom you are mentally, psychologically and physically endangering.

    The Watchtower Organisation.....The Jehovah's Witnesses......JW ORG.........are all clearly and now evidently recognised as a dangerous places to be.


  • Mephis
    Used an old account to upload to googledrive. Link:
  • Dunedain

    As the WTS LOVES to say, "the LAST days here", and they couldnt be more right, for their first time in over 140 years. Yes, my friends, behold, we ARE witnessing the last days, the last days of the WTS. The nail in the coffin is being hammered in, as we speak.

    Behold, the "fruit" is ROTTEN. Its "roots", are old and withered. Its "branches" are cracked, and falling. Its "bark" is torn away, and the EVIL is exposed for all to see.

    Beware WTS, your days are numbered. Your doctrines of lies, and your years of false prophesies, are ending. A great storm is upon you, and it will wash away your UNLOVING teachings. Your days of splitting up families, and "damning" fellow humans, are over.

    The ROT is from the very top, to the furthest ends of its roots. Bugs are feasting on your "flesh", water does not nurture your soul. You are the breeder of decay, and mush, the very fibers of your "body", stinks of "death".

    With one fell push, and one mighty swing of the axe, you will fall into a great, rotting, heap of decay. There will be a, mighty, thunderous report, as you hit, the cold, hard earth, and no one will mourn your loss. No, instead, the singing will be of your demise, and the poor, and down trodden, will rejoice in your end. The children will play, as their tormentor is gone, and there shall be tears of joy, as your hate has been crushed.

  • ttdtt
    Drake - where does it say that - I want to see that!!
  • steve2
    So heartening to know that Jackson's obsequious answers did not blind side the Royal Commission to the many deficiencies in jw organization's policies and procedures on child sexual abuse.
  • LevelThePlayingField

    From the document.

    15 Similarly, when asked if the Governing Body memberssaw themselves as‘Jehovah God’s spokespeople on earth’, Mr Jackson did not answer, instead telling the Royal Commission that it ‘would seem to be quite presumptuous to say that we are the only spokesperson that God is using’.21 Mr Jackson’s professed humility is not, however, supported by the Jehovah’s Witness organisation’s own publications

    You just can't make this stuff up!!!

  • elderINewton

    Personally I feel vindicated by the report, but it's disgusting that this report ever had to be written. It's clear that the court is hopefully going to make them pay. I find it difficult to move past the 1800+ victims.

    The courts clearly indicate that the elders lied and GB controls everything

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    Whoever on here stated that Toole was going to be the fall guy pegged it.

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