Australian Royal Commission Findings released

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  • Mephis

    Will just post the general findings by counsel for the commission (Angus Stewart) - case specific ones are prior to them. In short, absolutely damning.

    Not been through every submission myself yet. Available for download here:,-july-2015,-sydney.aspx

    Available findings on the authority of the Governing Body

    F39 Mr Spinks’ evidence that the Australia Branch has full authority to produce documents,
    seminars, letters to elders and letters to publishers without the approval or agreement of the
    Governing Body is rejected.
    F40 The Governing Body retains authority in respect of all publications in the name of the
    Jehovah’s Witness organisation and any view or perspective contrary to that of the
    Governing Body is not tolerated.

    Available findings on the investigation process

    F41 There are no circumstances in which the survivor of a sexual assault should have to make her
    allegation in the presence of the person whom she accuses of having assaulted her, and,
    contrary to the present position, the documents, manuals and instructions produced by the
    Jehovah’s Witness organisation should make this clear.
    F42 The requirement that two or more eyewitnesses to the same incident are required in the
    absence of a confession from the accused, the testimony of two or three witnessesto separate
    incidents of the same kind of wrongdoing, or strong circumstantial evidence testified to by at
    least two witnesses (i.e. the two witness rule):
    a) means that in respect of child sexual abuse which almost invariably occurs in private, very
    often no finding of guilt will be made in respect of a guilty accused
    b) causes victims of child sexual abuse to feel unheard and unsupported when it results in
    allegations of child sexual abuse not being upheld
    c) is a danger to children in the Jehovah’s Witness organisation because its consequence is
    that very often nothing is done about an abuser in the organisation
    d) does not seem to be applied by the Jehovah’s Witness organisation in the case of an
    accusation of adultery, which suggests that adultery is taken more seriously by the
    organisation than child sexual abuse, and
    e) needs to be revisited by the Jehovah’s Witness organisation with a view to abandoning it
    or at least reformulating it to ensure that safe decisions as to someone being guilty of
    child sexual abuse can be made more easily.
    F43 The requirement that only elders (i.e. men) can participate in the making of decisions in the
    investigation process on whether or not someone has committed child sexual abuse:
    a) is a fundamental flaw in that process which weakens the decisions by excluding women,
    b) needs to be revisited by the Jehovah’s Witness organisation to ensure a meaningful role
    for women.

  • wannaexit
    Thank for this. Reading as I write.
  • cofty


    The current documented process for responding to allegations of child sexual abuse within

    the Jehovah’s Witness organisation is focussed largely on the rights and comfort of the

    accused, with little regard to the requirements of a victim of abuse.

  • cofty

    It's official. The Governing Body has no empathy for it's own victims of child abuse.

    Mr Jackon’s failure to have read or be familiar with the testimony of the survivor witnesses
    yet to have read or otherwise familiarised himself with the testimony of Jehovah’s Witness
    witnesses belies his stated empathy for the survivors and his stated recognition of the
    importance of their perspectives.
  • Mephis

    And this is just proves how clueless, and tacitly culpable, the governing body have been with this issue down the years - and to have the brazen cheek to go on their tv show and call it 'apostate lies'. They have no shame.

    "F67 The practices and procedures of the Jehovah’s Witness organisation for the prevention of
    child sexual abuse, and in particular for the management of the risk of an abuser reoffending,
    do not take account of the actual risk of an offender reoffending and accordingly place
    children in the organisation at significant risk of sexual abuse."

  • GrreatTeacher
    Thanks, Mephis. I have been waiting for the findings. The Commission did not disappoint.
  • cofty
    F56 This report is referred to the Law Society of New South Wales in relation to the conduct of
    Mr Toole in having failed to advise congregational elders of their obligations to report their
    knowledge of the commission of certain criminal offences to the police.
    Compulsory reporting applies in 2 states in Australia. 1006 cases known to the branch and zero reported to the police, Therefore numerous serious crimes have been committed by elders and branch lawyers.

    Now we know why the Australian branch is searching for lawyers and accountants.

  • ScenicViewer

    The police are not notified even if a sexual offender if disfellowshipped. A child molester, known to Jehovah's Witnesses, is simply turned loose on the community to offend again, repeatedly, as he will.

    This makes a liar out of all JW's who claim they go door to door because they love their neighbor.

    Available findings on sanctions – disfellowshipping

    F53 Since it is the policy or practice of the Jehovah’s Witness organisation not to report
    allegations of child sexual abuse to the police (other than if required by law to do so), if a
    known abuser is disfellowshipped he remains in the community and a risk to children in the

  • Finkelstein

    Wow very damning information against the WTS.

    The most egregious actions conducted by the WTS and this has been reiterated over and over again is that the WTS cares more about the image of their organization than the care and the protection of children.

    It would also easy to assume that sexual predators perceive the weakness of the organization, such as the two witness rule and the most likely nondisclosure to legal authorities by the elders themselves..

    There is a lot of scum hanging around Kingdom Halls unfortunately and these people exploit the identity of trust by the rest of the congregation.

  • Captain Schmideo2
    Captain Schmideo2

    It sure would be nice if the link pointed directly to the document you are quoting, instead of just the page it may or may not be on. I can't find it!

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