Australian Royal Commission Findings released

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  • Simon
    "The safety of the victim and other children is paramount. In cases where the parent or guardian of a minor fails to take necessary measures to protect the child, a congregation elder can inform the authorities for the protection of the child or other children."

    Their message is - "please listen to the weasel words we're using now to try and get out of this and judge us on those, not what we actually do".

  • galaxie
    Jehovah's earthly organization has fu...ked up badly..what's Jehovah going to do about it? Answer .... Nothing zilch this so called loving God concept in the minds of the jw wtbts hierarchy is the mythical drivel which has led to the suffering and misery of many many innocents as well as those related. Jw lurkers and those who are awakening to the methods of these charlatans take comfort that we have investigations such as the ARC . .Hopefully the UK investigations into child abuse will be as thorough.
  • Tornintwo
  • flipper
    TORNINTWO- Thanks for posting the Australian news report. Very damning against the WT Society
  • elderINewton

    Jehovah's Witnesses 'fostered distrust' of secular authority – royal commission counsel

    Church’s response to child sexual abuse fell short of best practice, says Angus Stewart QC in his damning submission, published on Tuesday

  • the girl next door
    the girl next door
    Watchtower is on their heels with the Commission still coming at them. Watchtower's responses are just more fodder for Angus to formulate even more damning opinions.
  • flipper

    Just to emphasize the magnitude of these numbers that Level The Playing Field shared on the Australia situation -

    1. 108 of the 1,006 child molesters were elders or ministerial servants

    2. 28 alleged child molesters were APPOINTED as elders or ministerial servants AFTER having been the subject of an allegation of child sexual abuse

    3. Only 401 of the alleged child molesters were disfellowshipped of the 1,006

    4. 230 of those 401 child molesters were reinstated back into the congregations

    5. Of those disfellowshipped 78 were disfellowshipped for child sexual abuse on more than one occasion.

    These figures are astonishing. Criminal really . So actually 835 of the 1,006 JW child molesters got back into the congregation- reinstated. That's 83 % of all the child molesters allowed back into congregations to assault more innocent children.

    Adding to the words of Oubliette : Let's review it's a criminal organization

  • Vidiot

    I would not want to be a JW preaching door-to-door in Australia today...

  • StarTrekAngel
    I can hear the elder in my cong if I ever showed them this. If stop attending meetings, I will be shunned. If I showed them that document they will probably say they don't know what that is or where it comes from. They will state they don't care about any man made documents and that they will follow what the bible says. At best, they will admit this may be theocratic warfare.
  • Alive!

    Has anyone access to JW Talk?

    I looked on their public news board and no mention..,..

    Why? This is big news.

    Is this on news? I can't see mention. Am I missing something?

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