Preparing the sheeple for finally abandoning the significance of 1914

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  • lastmanstanding

    So, confirmed April fools. Bravo. But only good because it’s so close to the truth.

    That said, as I have mentioned in the past, the idea that elders will begin shepherding calls and use this opportunity to get older ones to set up recurring bank transfers is a real thing. They will do this.

    Just because this post is an April fools joke, doesn’t mean that it is a fake idea.

    I am as sure today as I have been, that this will become reality.

    And as per the last CO/elders meetup, elders are being told to get moving on shepherding calls. The new direction being, 1) no records kept of it 2) no scripting.

    BTW “loving provision from Jehovah” is a cut and paste from you know where.

  • Bad_Wolf

    April fools joke a day prior to april fools?

  • Syme

    The letter seems to be a joke/fake, however the problem with 1914 is very real and it's entirely plausible that they'll have to change it; but to completely ditch it, I don't think so. It's too central a doctrine.

    I think they'll do what they did with the generation: they'll just postpone the problem, to continue feeding off the rank and file, and leave the hot potato to the next GB generation. The "letter" gives a plausible scenario on the possible change: maybe they'll finally admit that Jerusalem fell in 587 BCE and not 607 BCE, as is the scientific consensus, so end of days will have been 1934 instead of 1914. I'm sure they'll find something around that date that can be fitted into the narrative. They have huge experience in that sort of (un)reasoning.

  • steve2

    The longer the thread, the more likely that posters will miss the "gotchas". I'd be more surprised that a "gotcha" was missed if the thread was short. But hey, this is 8 pages and growing. I actually didn't think the announcement in the OP was citing the GB and took it more as what still-in JWs were speculating. They cannot drop 1914 without their self-proclaimed legitimacy as the "chosen" channel since 1919 evaporating. No, these guys are in no hurry to ditch 1914 and to the loyal rank and file, it is not the issue it is to others such as PIMOS, faders and inactive and ex-JWs.

  • Bobcat

    I remember a letter from the WT to COs pointing out that belief in 1914 was a necessity for Christians. Does anyone have a link to that letter? (Thanks in advance.)

  • LoyalLeon

    For anyboy familiar with official letters it should have been quickly clear there were some errors indicating the letter was fake; but it was a very well done April's fool.

    1) Great News are nowadays to be expected at the Annual Meeting not in the indicated way; though this reflects well the spirit on the worldwise Morning Worship Program on the day of the Memorial.

    2) 1914 won't be done away with; it's a cornerstone; the Kingdom started ruling then (see the Kingdom-book released in 2014. (proof proven by itself... in true WTS circular reasoning)

    3) 1919 won't be done away with: this is the set day when after cleansing the Governing Body was established... (proof proven by itself... in true WTS circular reasoning)

    4) what will be done away with is: time calculations that lead up to 1914 or 1919; the groundwork for this has been led: less and less calculating of the seven times in the dumbed-down version of the Bible Teach book; plus: Luke 3:15 formerly used as explanation that the Jews were calculating Daniel's prophecy of the 70 weeks has be done away with; this is the groundwork for dropping the calculation of the seven times; no longer needed, as we all recognize without that, that EVIDENTLY the kingdom was established in 1914!

  • Brighton

    August Study Edition is not posted yet. So this is probably April Fool's.

  • thetruelie

    I am new to this Forum. I don't know where they got the announce from, I am an elder, the coordinator of my congregation. The document that you are referring to is called the S-147 where we receive the monthly announcements, and the S-147 for April 2019 has nothing to do with that announcement.

  • Doubting Bro
    Doubting Bro


    Welcome to the forum! Look forward to your contributions

  • lastmanstanding

    The Watchtower new math.

    It used to be that 2+2=4.

    Thats the old math.

    Similar math was the Watchtower date setting seen below.

    A + B + C = Z.


    A is -607 and the false and invented date for Babylon.

    B is 2520 , the gymnastics of math from the Watchtower bible

    C is the adjustment for the absence of a zero year from BC to AD

    Z is 1914, Jesus second coming.

    -607 + 2520 + 1 = 1914

    The new math below.

    -607 + 2520 + 1 =approximately 1914, but really 1919

    That’s like 2n+ 2 > 4 and usually 7

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