Preparing the sheeple for finally abandoning the significance of 1914

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  • under the radar
    under the radar

    We all know the Society would love to get rid of all the problems caused by clinging to 1914 and all they claimed it meant for the last 100+ years.

    It looks like they are laying the groundwork for easing away from the whole concept of 1914. This would also let them do away with the ridiculous "overlapping generation" bullcrap. What a diaper load that has been...

    Anyway, the following is from their super secret marching orders for April, 2019. Draw your own conclusions...

    "3. “100 Years of Faithfulness”: The coordinator of the body of elders, or another elder, should be invited to read the following special announcement. Encourage everyone to download the August 2019 Watchtower study article watch the May 2019 broadcast.


    God’s true worshipers are blessed with increasing light. How excited Jehovah’s people were when the identity of the King of the North recently became much clearer! In this 100th year since our enthroned King appointed the Governing Body to provide spiritual food, their role has continued to become more evident. Whilst many sincere ones have looked back to specificdates to ascertain the fulfilment of prophecy, we now have a century of activity that provides overwhelming evidence that Jehovah is guiding His people by means of this Faithful Slave. Seeing similar activity, not dates, moved Andrew to exclaim to Peter: “We have found the Messiah(John 1:41). A thrilling Watchtower study article 100 Years of Faithfulnesshas been prepared in the August 2019 Study edition, available for download this week, explaining why our trust in the Faithful Slave need not rely upon mere archaeological dates which are sometimes disputed by critics; this article will be studied during October. Whilst some in the past have clung to dates such as 607 BCE, the Faithful Salve has always advised caution. Since 1963, the book All Scripture is Inspired of God and Beneficial cautioned about607 BCE: “The calculation for this period backward from the fall of Jerusalem to the time ofthe division of the kingdom after Solomon’s death presents many difficulties.” (si 285 par.7) Again, in 1988 when the Bible Encyclopaedia Insight on the Scriptures presented a chartleading up to 607 BCE it clearly stated: “The chart is not intended to be viewed as an absolute chronology but, rather, as a suggested presentation of the reigns of the two kingdoms.” (it-1463) We are sure that all will be excited by the 100 years of activity presented in the August 2019 article and a special video to be aired in the May 2019 broadcast, knowing that ourconfidence in the Faithful Slave is not dependant on disputable dates, but on “the things we have seen and heard(Acts 4:20)."

  • Finkelstein

    When a religious organization is profoundly corrupt and devious, demanding loyalty and commitment to a point of death, that organization is going to eventually dissolve and crumble apart.

    There are indications that this is happening right now.

  • john.prestor

    I don't see any difference, maybe I need to read the article, but it sounds like business as usual. They deny ever making prophecies about specific dates, they direct you to their publications, they sing the Governing Body's praises, same old same old.

  • cofty

    under the radar - I agree.

    What is the source please?

    That is definitely laying the groundwork to ditch 607 and therefore 1914.

    Somehow they are going to focus on the appointment of the FDS since 1919 based on their record over a century.

    IMO this is huge.

    They deny ever making prophecies about specific dates - John.P

    Arguing about 607 has always been a disfellowshipping offense. Now they are pretending they never cared much for it.

    our confidence in the Faithful Slave is not dependant on disputable dates

    Anybody who has ever suggested that 607 was open to dispute was immediately branded an apostate.

    This is like 1975 on acid.

  • jp1692

    Whilst some in the past have clung to dates such as 607 BCE, the Faithful Salve [sic] has always advised caution.

    The only "some" that have "in the past clung to ... 607 BCE" are the leadership of the WTBTS. No reputable Bible scholar or archaeologist of biblical antiquities recognizes that date. None.

    Such dishonest bullshit. So glad I'm out of this clusterfuck of a religion.

    Let's review: It's a cult!

  • Finkelstein

    I agree too the recent information off of JWorg seems to intentionally down play the doctrines of past such as 1914, calling these doctrines " Well these are old and what the brothers thought at one time. "

    ........ but wait we now have new light

  • jp1692

    I'd like to know the source too!

    Whilst many sincere ones have looked back to specific dates to ascertain the fulfilment of prophecy ...

    The British spelling of "fulfilment" and the use of the word "whilst" both indicate this did NOT come from WT HQ in the USA.

    Also, the misspelling of "slave" as "salve" in the posted excerpt makes me question the authenticity of this alleged release. The WTBTS is wrong about a lot of things, but they are meticulous about their copyediting, particularly when it comes to anything that is going to be published. It's one of their tells.

    UTR: Is that a transcription error on your part, or is that mistake in the original?

  • Biahi

    The faithful salve lol. Maybe they will offer spiritual lotion, too

  • floridaborn
    I saw this on Reddit and immediately came over here hoping Atlantis would have posted it. Are we sure this isn’t an April Fool’s joke? I would love if it wasn’t but I can’t buy it yet.
  • cofty

    'Faithful Salve' = NOT genuine unless this is a typed up copy.

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