Preparing the sheeple for finally abandoning the significance of 1914

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  • waton

    1914 was the only date that anything spectacular happened of all the dates that wtBtS Inc proffered. even if it was the opposite what they predicted, at least the numbers lined up right.

    1919 wii just produce a yawn about the yarn they are spinning.

    What does it matter if they are stumped about the Nebby tree stump?

    Why did nobody count the rings on that stump right away? .at least 1914 had kind-a 'ing of truth' to it.

  • Atlantis

    There are several errors contained in that 2 page letter. Remember, the Watchtower is out for Reddit's blood, and sending out a "bait" announcement letter would make for a good set-up.

    Notice the word Salve....instead of Slave

    Notice the comma after....April 1st, on both pages. See the difference?

    Notice the space between some of the words that are of importance.

    If the letter is real, then it was done in haste without proof reading or spell checking, and is just a typed copy. Not something normal for the Watchtower.

    I would use "caution" concerning that letter, and I would certainly NOT post it anywhere.


  • Vanderhoven7

    Were the mistakes copy errors of the original poster?

    I sent the letter to a seasoned JW on another forum asking if this was an April fools joke. I'll get back to you if he has any new light o shed on the subject.

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad
    joey jojo: I'm sure they could come up with something significant occurring in 1934.

    Good one joey jojo! Let's see if we can't help WT come up with something significant that happened in 1934.


    How about 1934 was the year before JWs adopted the "Jehovah's Witnesses" brand as their official name which was in 1935!🤣

  • Atlantis


    Appreciate that Vander! It is always a good idea to have our resources verified if there are any questions.


  • john.prestor

    Atlantis, thanks for pointing those out.

    I reread the letter and now I'm skeptical too. What caught my eye is where it says something about 'ascertain the meaning of prophecies.' Ascertain is a very large word for Watchtower. The rest of it on a second reading also doesn't sound like Watchtower... it's hard to explain why, but I get a different sense from it than I do from letters to the body of Elders, which always comes across like cheery well-polished propaganda, this seems more slapdash, it doesn't flow as nicely from sentence to sentence, it's awkward. And the spelling errors is very unlike Watchtower.

  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen

    April fools for sure. Oo good to be true. Also groundwork for new light is normally carefully packed in the magazines and convention talks. This letter is way to blunt.

  • Atlantis


    You are correct! And please notice that the poster took the trouble to use the "same hosting site" where the real BOE's are usually uploaded. If any new letters are received, I would not use that same hosting site to upload.

    And of course, as already noted, it may have been created as just an April fools joke.

    Whatever the reason for the letter, it causes confusion and doubt among exjws, and could cause people to doubt authentic verified letters.


  • slimboyfat

    Well it’s come to something when April fools announcements make more sense than real Faithful Slave announcements,

    If they were going to drop 1914 then they’d probably go about it somewhat like this.

  • smiddy3

    I go with the April fools joke ,too good to be true.

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