Preparing the sheeple for finally abandoning the significance of 1914

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  • steve2

    If they ditch 1914, 1919 will also have to go. So, how come they're making a huge fuss over the 100th year of 1919's significance?

  • lastmanstanding

    When Ray Franz and the few others discovered, through the research that they were appointed to do by the governing body itself, and they discovered that 607 was false, they were demonized and brutalized by the very men that appointment them to do the research in the first place.

    And to say what they are saying next, is DAMNED EVIL.

  • Phizzy

    Long Thread, so maybe covering what has already been said, but if they really are trying to discard 1914 altogether, instead of just being vague about it, then as said above 1919 goes too. Both are preposterous claims of course.

    All they have left to bolster their equally preposterous claim to be used by God in some way, and to have Authority is their record over the last 100 years.

    I cannot be arsed to list it all, but in 1919 they were teaching the absolute crap from Russell's " Finished Mystery". Shortly after they began to teach that the Resurrection of the "Ancient Worthies" would take place in 1925, and on and on through the years, WW2 was the start of Armageddon, then it was all going to kick off in 1975 and so on.

    What a wonderful record of providing Spiritual Food at the right time.....NOT !

  • cofty

    So is this a stupid April's Fool or not?

  • Dmitry

    Yes! Fake! I gave the link to the reddit above.

  • sir82

    So is this a stupid April's Fool or not?

    Yes of course!

    Not sure how "stupid" it is though - it appears to have fooled 90+ % of the people who read it.

    And people still continue to post on here as if it were real - despite (by now) dozens of comments on it being a joke.

    That may be more of an indictment on the WT though - they are able to write such astounding crap that it is nearly impossible to write an obvious parody of it.

  • Drearyweather

    Fake. Nothing of this sort has come up on the Reminders and Announcements for April 2019.

  • DisArmed

    Seems a lot of people are still trying to legitimize their departure. Whenever there is an a-ha told you so post, so many reactions. If 1914 was ever abandoned, the entire religion crumbles. Forget this cult, go live life!


    I believe that given the nature of the WTBTS, a cult that has literally destroyed lives and many of our own families, that these types of “jokes” are not appropriate or funny at all.

    We have to work extremely hard to reach family members who are victims of brainwashing and any sharing of inaccurate information on our part is a win for the WTBTS. All it takes is for one reader to start spreading this “news” and then we become easier targets for WTBTS Apologists. We look like stupid puppets of Satan’s media empire, his little kitchen helpers stirring up a slanderous brew as the WTBTS likes to say.

    This type of immature and inappropriate post does not help one bit. It's essentially no better than disrupting a meeting at the KH.


  • Tenacious

    When their newest silver bible was released under 1914 they didn't firmly say. I think the wording used was "about" or "around" I don't quite remember. Whether this post is fake or real the governing cockroaches are planning to eventually abandon it.

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