November Study WT "Train You Child to Love Going Door 2 Door"

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  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    Puke worthy, yes.

    Disturbing, big time.

    This November WT is a prime time example of indoctrination of young impressionable minds at early age!!!

  • Room 215
    Room 215
    Reality: Everyone -- EVERYONE -- including, maybe even ESPECIALLY-- parents--HATE FIELD SERVICE!!
  • Divergent

    When I was a kid, I would say yes if asked if I love field service. BUT the reason why I say yes is because that is what you are expected to say, not because I really loved it!

    Actually, to be honest - there were occasions where I actually liked field service. Wanna know what I liked about it?

    What I liked about service:

    1. Travelling to a different city for a holiday / special campaign. Perhaps spending a night or there & even having the opportunity to do some sightseeing

    2. Being put in the same service group with a cute girl =)

    3. Being assigned to work with a fun partner, one which I could talk crap with & joke with

    4. Exploring the territory & admiring scenery / the architecture & design of houses / house gardens & landscaping

    5. Photo opportunities. As an avid photographer, I would carry my camera along with me in my service bag & take pictures of anything interesting that I come across

    6. Being an animal lover, I would play with animals while out in service!

    7. The after service lunch / during service coffee break

    This was what I liked about service, NOT the actual service itself! Everything that I was interested in was totally unrelated with talking to people about the Bible. In fact, that was the part which I dreaded & hated!

  • Calebs Airplane
  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    I guess there were some aspects too of FS what I enjoyed. Like working out of town in the country, just going for a drive and sight-seeing. Maybe even spending the night somewhere, just hanging out. Just joking around with easy-going people in the group.

    As a child, I loved going into scary apartments alone, where "God knows what" could've happened to me. WTF was my mom thinking?!?!?

    These friggin watchtards are still operating under the delusion of "divine protection." The GB purposely propagate this falsehood, because if they told the truth, "You assholes are on your own.", nobody would go in field circus. After that, donations would dry up even faster than they are now.

    The GB are delusional, self-appointed Gurus. Like the Priests of Opar, their days are numbered as each generation emerges even dumber than the next. Those rare members that actually have the intelligence to possibly save the race, are viewed as threats by the ignorant troglodytes in power. The GB deserve to face extinction for their crime of hubris.


  • millie210

    They wouldnt write that in a study article if it wasnt a problem already.

    The fact that it is a problem getting young people interested?

    Thats the good news!

  • steve2

    They wouldnt write that in a study article if it wasnt a problem already.

    The fact that it is a problem getting young people interested?

    Thats the good news!

    Well said Millie. They well know it is a major problem in the organization. What an indirect admission.

  • goingthruthemotions

    BARF..... my kids hate going out on field circus and i believe my wife hates field circus.

    when she goes to the door, she basically hands the magazines to the person and leaves. she know nothing about the bible, nor does she know anything about the watchtowel doctrine. she's a trained monkey.

    don't get me wrong....i love her with all my heart. she just lacks the ability or desire to investigate the watchtowel fake doctrine.

    sad, sad , sad case

  • Finkelstein

    As with most things pertaining to the JWS, outward image is veritably important, thinking that bringing their kids in service is looked upon their parents are bringing them up righteously, even though there is no mention of children preaching the gospel according to Jesus Christ.

    As its known the Gospel according to Watchtower Corporation is not inline to preaching as described in the bible.

    Going beyond what is written is what the WTS does and constantly.

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