November Study WT "Train You Child to Love Going Door 2 Door"

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  • smiddy

    I am ashamed I put my two boys through this torture , they dreaded calling on the doors of there school mates , thankfully I wasn`t so strict that they had to go every weekend .And yes , they were born ins.

    We lived on a penninsular with 2 congregations , so the territory was limited .

    That kid in the picture will be on here in 10 years time telling us how he really felt.


  • Heaven

    To this day, the idea of Field Serve Us makes me cringe. Isn't it one of the least effective methods of reaching people? Just keep the R&F busy so they think they are doing God's work. Meanwhile, there are millions if not billions of people on this planet who have no idea who they are. And never will. This will always be the case. When I was a teenager back in the 1970s I did the math. The numbers didn't work out then. They still do not. Mathematically, 8 million JWs (?) cannot possibly witness to 8 billion people.

    Insanity... doing the same things over and over expecting different results.

  • stuckinarut2

    Child abuse.

    It teaches the child that love and approval from their parents is conditional. Conditional on doing what dad tells them to do.

    The look on the fathers face is one of pure manipulation. Yes there is a half smile, BUT put a foot wrong, and that child will be scolded and made to feel unworthy!

  • _Morpheus
    Tal summed up everything i was thinking... The works oriented nature of jw'dom is sickening and even more so the insatiable nature of the whorish organization.
  • Calebs Airplane

    Dad,I love field service! We wasted one hour at a coffee shop,walk slower than a turtle,fake knock on doors and walk past householders that are in front of our eyes.This seems too easy!

  • Divergent
    Just imagine if field service was optional & JW's are not made to feel guilty for not joining. How many would actually go out to preach???
  • Gayle

    JWs make their kids skip the stage of childhood, and just put on the act of some form of a adulthood. Generally, there's a form of payback eventually. Then, most kids leave the organization with a lot of psychological stuff to sort through.

    When I had my children, I started re-sorting 'everything' and re-evaluating how I would raise my children and what values to teach my children. I realized I would not place on them the burdens/rules of mostly childless men.

    I know many who were raised JW who left JWism and most could not bear to wear a suit for many years.

  • tiki
    Sigh....this gags me. Why can't they accept kids as kids...not artificial little robotic dubs.....and that plastered on grin says it all. It's all fake. And sadly some sensitive little souls take it all too seriously...what else do they know but mom and dad dub....and end up emotionally scarred for life...and for what....So so wrong.
  • steve2

    Well, the Watchtower peddles the theory but the actuality is different:

    The frequency and intensity of door knocking has substantially reduced in New Zealand AND when they do go door-to-door, there is a dearth of young children accompanying them.

    The literature carts are dead in the water with the only "interest" from fellow Witnesses dropping by to pass time.

    I doubt other Western countries are that much different.

    In fact, in my current address of just over 10 years, I have seen JWs perhaps 3 times door-knocking in the area, with an absence of children.

    Door knockers are overwhelmingly older adults.

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