November Study WT "Train You Child to Love Going Door 2 Door"

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  • blondie
    When I read this I thought children tend to imitate their they enjoy d2d, do they prepare, do they put it before sports tv or shopping?
  • Xanthippe
    Such a waste of time. Get a child to go with you from door to door collecting for charity instead. Tell them it's to build schools for children to have an education and work their way out of poverty. My daughter never forgot doing that and now she lives in the real world with her eyes wide open, with a huge social conscience.
  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    Just horrible childhoods.

    Giving all their time to the Borg. Which can never be pleased. You gotta feel sorry for born-ins.

  • talesin

    I just read the OP and this:

    set goals with them. Use creativity to help them to have a full share as your preaching companions.

    Yes, ensure that they know your LOVE and APPROVAL are dependent on how enthusiastic they are in the Kingdumb Ministry.

    Instill Christian values in them, so that they are fully aware that they are not beloved just because they are family, but, more importantly, are companions in service to the One True God (ie, the Watchtower Corporation and its representatives, the GB).



  • sparky1

    You gotta feel sorry for born-ins.

    Thank you. Sometimes it was a living Hell.


    ‘Does my child enjoy the ministry or only the breaks?’
    Use creativity to help them to have a full share as your preaching companions.

    ............................................................................. The WatchTower Encourages..

    ........................................................................ENFORCED "FREE CHILD LABOUR"....Image result for parent yelling at child..Image result for jehovah's witness children

  • sowhatnow

    Im pretty sure there isnt one scripture that would support children, or even women , preaching the good news about the Christ.

    Im pretty certain, that duty was for the few select men chosen to do so. Jesus had said, go , not to the gentile nations, but to the lost sheep of Israel. in acts it was the 'lost sheep' that had repented, and got 'baptized' .

    are not all the examples of 'child prodigies' in the bible from the old testament? a little research shows these few 'children' were not preaching about Christ Jesus.

  • airborne
    How can a kid be happy dressed in a suit and subject to ridicule from any classmates he meets. This is preposterous.
  • Alive!

    I hated this photo - a kid dressed up in a suit.

    It reminded me of a 'sister' who came running to me a couple of years ago...

    Knowing that I was not going to meetings, somehow she thought it was a good idea to visit and tell me just how much she hated the meetings, the so called fellowship and how her child had broken down several times at the misery of having to stand up and give a bible reading in ministry school, and how he couldn't bear thinking that his classmates would die in a horrid way (see WT illustrations) at Armageddon - she couldn't bear what it was doing to him.

    I listened but didn't add too much fuel to the fire at the time - I had my own thoughts and concerns. But it hit me that this dear little man was in such turmoil - yet if you met him, he seemed like a happy, sunny kind of kid.

    Apparently, what she could bear in the long term was the financial goodies of being married to an uber wealthy born in husband.

    Fuck the misery that she 'professed' to have had as a young witness growing up, and the ongoing misery she 'professed' to have as an adult - and worse still, the turmoil that her son was experiencing as he tried to work out how to live in a world of angry, back biting dysfunctional adults who dressed up nice, and then went to spread the good news that unless you became one of them, you'd be bird food.

    I can think of too many lovely kids, dressed up like performing monkies, sold a Caleb or Sophia badge, sent out with the same pile of lies as we were - and voila, you have a young Christian.

    My God, there has to be a better way.

  • Spectre

    Puke worthy.

    Reminds me of Terry's post a while ago about how they are amateur theologians. Off in their own world thinking they have some idea that they know what they are talking about.

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