Boy crowned prom queen by schoolmates

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  • LoveUniHateExams

    it's less problematic to punch a man than it is to punch a woman - some trans-women would disagree with you.

    There are videos on youtube of left-leaning trans-women (i.e. people who are biologically male) physically assaulting real women (people who possess two X chromosomes).

    Not nice, not legal, but there ya go ...

  • Xanthippe
    When I went to school that kid would have had his ass kicked every day all day long. - rockemsockem

    Look how far we've come. Especially if he is mentally ill.

    I just wonder, why the people who care, care? WTF difference does it make in your life? - iwantoutnow

    I wonder that too.

  • rockemsockem

    People who do this have serious mental issues. Its like seeing a down syndrome kid and saying they are normal. There is a difference between making fun of someone and seeing that they have a mental problem. People who are biological men or woman and think they are something else are no different than people who have other mental issues. Some have an obsession to have limbs cut off, some to kill. There are all kinds of mental issues but the left tries to normalize it as OK.

    You don't have to make fun of someone bully them or call them names but you also do not have to say they are normal and its all OK. Pedophiles have a mental issue. From the Psychiatrists I have worked with over the years, they all told me that they can not say it in public as its not accepted as PC and they can get into trouble but that Pedophiles have a mental disorder and its not something that can be modified. They will go after a child first chance they get.

    Not that being a tranny is the same as a pedophile that I know of, in that they don't harm anyone or attack or pray on others that I know of. But neither do cutters or many other mental illnesses. But that is not to say they are OK. It could be that being a tranny is just a mental illness like a hoarder, does not really harm anyone, but its still a mental illness non the less.

    All people with disorders want their disorder to be normal and accepted, even pedophiles. You have NAMBLA and the arguments that if to humans love each other bla bla bla. But if we are to keep our society the liberals must be put down as they want to normalize every perversion. They want to turn the world upside down, Cops are bad, thugs like Mike Brown and Trayvon Martin are good, Illegals are good and breaking the law is OK. So if a guy robs a bank to feed his kids its OK? The world is heading down a very dangerous road. Liberals are too stupid to see the end game of their foolish ideas.

  • Vidiot

    rockemsockem - "When I went to school that kid would have had his ass kicked every day all day long."

    Xanthippe - "Look how far we've come."

    I think that's true.

    Sometimes these days, it feels like all kids at school have to worry about are mean-ass emails and the like.

    Back in the day, the danger was actual physical assault (with zero fucking repercussions, it seemed like ).

  • Vidiot

    re. A certain someone here...

    Don't you guys just love the XJWs who leave because the WT isn't conservative and authoritarian enough?


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