Boy crowned prom queen by schoolmates

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  • pale.emperor

    Now I think I may have seen everything.

    "Boy crowned prom queen by schoolmates". I'm all for people being entitled to wear what they want and live as they please as long as they're not harming anyone but - a male prom queen?

    Maybe there wasn't much competition in his school?

    A schoolboy who dressed in drag has been made prom queen at his school leavers' event.

    Xavier Parkins, 15, from Chaddesden, Derby, wore a pink shoulderless dress and matching heels to the party at Pride Park stadium.

    It was the first time the honour, which is decided by a pupil vote, had gone to a boy at the school.

    His mother Sharnee said she was "proud of the example he is setting for people that may be struggling".

    The Lees Brook Community School pupil took six hours to get ready for the event on Friday, doing his own make-up, nails and styling his wig.

    "It usually takes me about three to four hours to get ready but a lot of things went wrong and it took longer than I hoped," Xavier said.

    His custom-made outfit, designed with a local dressmaker, was inspired by a dress worn to the Oscars by model Winnie Harlow.

    Xavier, who has been dressing in drag for about a year and a half and posts photographs on Instagram, said: "Before I went I was so close to not going in drag because I was scared of not living up to people's expectations.

    "It is what I want to do and it is nice to know everyone supported me."

    Ms Parkins, 45, said: "The students voted and that made it more special that it was their stamp of approval, and shows a real maturity for students.

    "The main thing is he is well aware that not everyone agrees with his decision to express himself but regardless of that he takes comments on the chin and rises above that."

    Xavier has been invited to feature in the parade at September's Derby Pride on the back of being crowned.

    Toni Jacobs, a Derby Pride trustee, said: "Having a young drag queen in the parade would be great and hopefully inspire others to do what they want, with the knowledge that people will be supporting and accepting of you."

  • Giordano

    I never joke or kid about this kind of situation. He/she is amazingly attractive and looks very determined to live a life worth living.

    Off to a good start! And much future success.

  • snugglebunny

    It's just a fad.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    xavier and his mother sharnee ?

    jeremy kyle where are you ?

  • tiki

    It's all about gender fluidity these days....male and or female is a feeling, not genitalia. Hetereosexual romance with climactic copulation will soon be historical whimsy. My personal stance is that this presents a very sad loss to humankind.

  • LV101
    Yes - attractive if she/he can keep the LBs (pounds) off and body structure. Guess chubby works, too. Lots of artificial additives (wigs, falsies) but gals do the same -- beauty is pain. Tax payers will be paying for more sex change/silicon implants, etc., and I don't see it as a phase in society but who knows.
  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    LV101: you would most likely find the tax payer already pays to keep him and his mother.

  • silentbuddha
    This bullshit is so annoying now
  • nowwhat?

    That's what happens when there is no father in his life

  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    If a man who clearly looks like a man and is dressed like a man then walks into a ladies toilet, can he claim that he is "gender fluid" and felt like a woman that very hour?

    I think we are going to see a lot of unpleasant and complicated scenarios emerging very soon.

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