Just woke up turn TV on to hear yet another nut case with a gun.

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  • Bungi Bill
    Bungi Bill
    The .22 caliber has been used by men to take more human lives than any "high-powered" ammunition.

    Presumably you have statistics to back up that claim? (i.e. hard data rather than just "everybody knows the .22 calibre has killed more people than anything else"!)

  • zeb

    It has already been mentioned in the US that they will be taking queue from what a former Australian prime minister John Howard had 'achieved' with his passing of "Uniform national Gun laws" This is not true there is no "uniform,," indicating a federal act binding the whole country as all firearm laws are state run.

    Also Howard was so keen to ban semi autos that my son had to hand his in ( A Ruger .22) but he was allowed to keep a .45 caL Model1911 SEMI AUTO PISTOL he used lawfully in club shooting. Go figure.

    The money to fund the 'buy-back' was taken from our Medicare to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

    The Howard action was a re-action to the infamous murders that took place in a tiny tourist settlement in Tasmania called Port Arthur. Despite some 35 people being killed /maimed no coronial inquest was held and no commission of inquiry was held... Huh?..

    If you wish look up "Port Arthur Tasmania" on google...

    and my condolences to those who have been bereaved by this terrible incident. My deep regards to the Police by whatever rank or name who have the terrible task of cleaning up the 'bits' no one ever considers them.


  • darkspilver


    Link includes a video report

    'It just didn't make sense': Tewksbury mother killed in Vegas

    Fox25 Boston, Monday, October 2, 2017

    TEWKSBURY, Mass. - A Tewksbury mother was among those shot and killed at an outdoor concert in Las Vegas Sunday night, her family told Boston 25 News.

    Rhonda LeRocque was at the concert with her husband, Jason, her 6-year-old daughter and her father-in-law, family said. Her father-in-law had just left the concert with Rhonda’s 6-year-old daughter when the shooting started.

    According to family, Rhonda was shot in the back of the head.

    She and Jason had been married for 20 years after they met at Kingdom Hall, where Jason is a minister.

    Members of the family's congregation are traveling to Las Vegas to escort the family and Rhonda's body home.

    READ FULL ARTICLE (with video report): http://www.fox25boston.com/news/it-just-didnt-make-sense-tewksbury-mother-killed-in-vegas/618336619

    Video report from CBS Boston:


  • AverageJoe1


    That's the first time I've ever seen your gun laws clearly explained! Thanks.

    So all/most of these murderers wouldn't have been approved for guns in the first place. Makes sense.

    Personally, I still don't see why anyone would be fascinated by them though.

    Thanks again.

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    The shooter was not in islam nor part of any political group. They did find large amount of guns and ammo both at the hotel and home. In his car they found nitrate's for explosives. This murderer by all counts seem to look on the outside very normal. Even his family knew nothing about what he was doing in secret. Which put up a very interesting question. How could anyone know what was going on in his head? I ask this because many feel we need a better mental health care in this country. Maybe this would stop some of this insanity. Another question I would like to ask should we have the right to own military type weapons?

    Finally what do you think about all gun owners being required to have gun insurance? Again I ask this question because none of those victims are protected financially for cost due to what happen to them. After all that is the reason we have car insurance in case we end up hurting someone with our car. To me this makes a lot of sense. If a gun is use to kill someone or hurt them at the very least the victim has some recourse to pay for medical or funeral expenses. I am really surprised the NRA has not come up with this idea.

    I am sure this debate will continue long after we are all gone. Still Totally ADD

  • konceptual99

    Everyone at the festival could have been armed and it would have made no difference since the shooter was not easily visible.

    Whilst evil people will always find a way of creating havoc I fail to see why this should be used as an argument to do nothing. Some of the same people who are basically saying that restricting access to weapons is pointless and an infringement of their rights to arm themselves like they are their own personal army are the same people prepared to take what Sadiq Khan said about being cognisant of terrorism in modern cities and twist it to make him seem like an apologist for jihad. They are the same people who would happily demonise a whole population and restrict the rights of innocents for the supposed sake of the greater good.

    What is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. If fighting Islamist terrorism requires restrictions and actions that tread on some supposed rights to ensure that the rest of us can be safer in our towns and cities then why is the right of people to attend school, work or some event in safety trumped by the rights of those who have some need to walk around carrying a small arsenal just to go and buy some milk.

    Just to be clear - I don't have an objection to people owning guns even simply for the pleasure of owning it. I am not under some illusion that people in the US can just go and buy any gun anywhere. I know that many gun owners are responsible people who don't have a pathological need to carry arms to make themselves seem hard.

    I do, however, find it simply amazing that the US is so unwilling to try and make their streets safer, with the answer seemingly to be a constant proliferation of arms. The bad guys have guns so give the police bigger guns. The police and bad guys have bigger guns so the average citizen feels they need a bigger gun to be safe. This not to mention the local militias that exist where the government and local authorities seem happy to have self appointed armies with their own leadership wandering around pretending they are the police and army. I suppose even these guys have some credibility and structure when compared to those conspiracy theorists building shelters, making their own enclaves for when the government goes to pot.

    The underbelly of latent violent potential in the US is frightening. The seeming unwillingness/inability to acknowledge and tackle this is even more so.

  • cofty

    Allowing citizens to own military style automatic weapons is indefensible.

  • freemindfade

    Hypothetically, let us say you ban all guns in America, you also somehow miraculously round up every gun, legal and illegal so there are actually nonexistent, yes, you could have stopped this maniac from "shooting" all these innocent people. Now, what if we hijacked a semi and drove through the crowd instead? Well, he wouldn't have shot them, but the basic problem of evil (not biblical sense) exists and you didn't prevent people from being massacred. The gun control debate at these times is a kneejerk, easy political grandstand that doesn't solve anything. it's topical and emotional.

    You can't make guns just disappear, no by reviewing current gun control laws, not by making them stricter. Criminals will still get them regardless, its called the black market. Far left utopian fairytales won't make bad people disappear too. Who cares, ban all the guns, go ahead, give it a try, let's see if there if mass shooting become a thing of the past, let's see if gang member in the inner cities stop shooting each other, let's see if suicidal people still don't find a way to kill themselves. I know my libertarian ideas on this are sooooo offensive, but I like to just think I am a realist. I stopped believing in a utopian world when I stopped being a jw.

    And you can say well Australia did it, they haven't had a mass shooting since, well they also don't have trucks driving through crowds in Australia. Also I read somewhere that Australia now again has as many gun owners as it did pre 96'!?!?! I don't have a good answer, and being able to say that is intellectual honesty, not grasping at straws.

    I understand people not carrying about the 2nd amendment or owning a gun, but I think (as always) that attaching the gun control debate to mass shootings is dumb. If you want to get a gun against all the gun laws we have, you still can. Stop believing utopian ideas of a world without harm because the government is running our lives.Think like a criminal just for a minute and tell me how any gun law would have stopped such a determined, tactical, mass shooting. This guy was going to hurt a lot of people no matter what.

    This is known to be a cultural divide and hot topic in America, the new regressive movement feeds on the cultural divide. Don't buy into it.

    And cofty not to disagree with you, but just to make a point

    Allowing citizens to own military style automatic weapons is indefensible.

    How did that work in Paris in 2015? It didn't. So while I feel the same way that people don't need to own high capacity tactical weapons, it's not really the root of how and why this occurred.

    We are told to focus on the "how", not the "why" which really has the most influence on this kind of evil

  • freemindfade

    This is my issue with making gun control the problem, this monster had to break several laws for us to even be talking about it, all these outraged people honestly believe just 1 more law, that would have stopped him, I just don't see it.

    Our lack of unity has got to have a huge impact on whatever drove this idiot to do what he did, instead of further diving the nation why not focus on unity? For a change

  • mikeflood

    The government should confiscate Las Vegas's shotter estate to compensate victims ! By the way, he shouldn't have that kind of super specialized weapons in the first place.

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