Just woke up turn TV on to hear yet another nut case with a gun.

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  • TD

    I'm curious as to how (according to the news) he got 12 or more good sized weapons into a hotel without being noticed.

    Wondering right along with you. The security at most hotel/casinos on the strip is pretty impressive. Of course the primary concern is the money, but still...

  • WingCommander

    I'm honestly FOR more gun laws that restrict what types of people have access to weapons. Silencers are the least of the problem. I can make a Silencer out of a Maglite flashlight casing and some ordinary items found in your local hardware store. No law against it could change my ability to do it. Any "loop holes" SHOULD be closed. I go to plenty of "Gun Shows", and in this state (Pennsylvania) you can't just walk in, slap money down on the table, and walk out with a firearm. Proper ID, paperwork, and immediate insta-check background check is req'd. This whole "Gun Show" crap I hear touted out, is absolute bullshit!!

    Timothy McVeigh used a U-Haul truck filled with ammonium nitrate to detonate and kill hundreds of people in 1995. No gun req'd. Same thing on 9/11......box cutters and planes. These sick people are going to kill people no matter what, if that is their intention.

    There have been guns in America since it's very inception. Up until I'd say about the 1960's, they weren't a problem. Kids would take .22's out and hunt squirrels. Boys had them mounted to the back inside of their pickup truck window's as they drove to school. No one did anything, no one killed anyone, and if they did, it was a very, VERY rare occurrence. Society as a whole is totally F*CKED on this planet.

    Anyway, they have strict knife laws in Australia and Europe. No lock-back knives, autos, or anything over a 2" blade. Funny, the freakin' Islam-o-turds use machette's and AK's when they go hunting infidels in Europe. Oh, and vans. They seem to just LOVE running thru crowds with vans. No guns allowed. Hmmm. This world has gone to shit, truly it has. I'm up for moving to Washington State, Idaho, or Montana. As close to Canada as I can get, without actually have to live with their restrictive laws and shitty healthcare system. The southern USA has been overrun with illegal immigrants, bedbugs, exotic mosquito's, brown recluse spiders, and those new "Kissing Bugs". Screw that. I'm up for cooler, rural climate.

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    Hey Wing do you mean love bugs? Anyway thanks for all the different points of view. Although I don't understand why I got dislike strikes when I just reporting what I heard on the news. But that is OK with me. I remember a time when all of us at one time had to think all the same or we would say Jehovah will take care of it. It is of no surprise to me how all of us have gone down different paths of thinking. All I can say is good for us. Your reassimilation is completed. The Borg has no control over you. Still Totally ADD

  • Simon
    sick people are going to kill people no matter what, if that is their intention.

    Sure, but let's not provide "death-super-markets" for them!

    What helps is making things harder - not because it necessarily stops them from obtaining things but makes their attempts more likely to be noticed so things can be flagged and investigated and possibly prevented.

    At a very simple level - people can still buy enough pain killers to overdose, but reducing the amount they could buy at once prevented many deaths because it made it slightly more difficult and added a way for someone possibly considering harming themselves to be noticed at a pharmacy.

  • krejames

    What Simon said.

    Also Wing Commander asked:

    the Canucks and UK, etc telling the USA how much better they all have it since they are un-armed Sheeple. To them I ask, "How's that working out for you? How does living under the Queen/King rule, working out for you? How are you enjoying your Islamic slums governed by Sharia Law?"

    We don’t really live under queen/king rule but whatever it is, it’s pretty good actually on the whole. Not sure what it’s got to do with gun crime though. I’ve probably missed an obvious link tho!

    As for “Islamic slums” - I haven’t noticed any here in the U.K. I work for a company that has a very large percentage of people of Islamic faith. I’m not aware that any are under shariah law (assuming you mean “cutting off the hand of thieves” etc perception of said law). Again not sure what that has to do with gun crime.

    That said, point taken that restricting gun laws won’t eliminate people committing mass murder. The numbers killed/injured by other means do seem to be a lot lower, on the whole, and less frequent than the number of mass murders and victims at one time from firearms. That’s just my perception and you may well have the evidence to prove that perception to be wrong.

  • LV101

    Sad day here in LV! He checked into the hotel for 4 days and had his weapons brought in (maybe shipped?) in groups. Just heard on news he had 16 weapons and a handgun in his hotel suite. They found ammonia nitrate in his car - he must have loaded his weapons inside his car (trunk?) and brought a few in at a time.

    He was a gambler and perhaps the hotel staff was familiar with him from previous stays nand never suspected he was a psychopath/whatever. He may have asked the maid services not to enter his room at the end of his stay.

    Nurse Practitioner in family got off late and did return to Trauma 1 unit - Radiologist working double shifts - never enough medical help during emergency/massacres. Secretary in my husband's firm was at concert and the gal sitting next to her was shot (hopefully not killed), another attys. son goes to high school with 2 cheerleaders who were both shot - this is horrifying. Largest shooting in US history ever.

    527 wounded and 59 dead at this point not including the shooter.

  • slimboyfat

    It's nothing to do with the guns. It would have happened without the guns. Don't exploit the situation by talking about guns.

    And other such nonsense. Does it never get old?

  • LV101

    The nutters will get guns no matter -- or so it seems in this country! Chicago, Illinois, is a perfect example - unreal amount of gun killings and not normal guns! The bad nut jobs will find a way to use some type of weapon to hurt others.

  • Bell

    I was a witness myself and I left 5 years ago. Since then I have been thinking of going back, but every time I do, I read about what’s wrong with the organization and that helps me.

    I speak English and french but my friends who are still witnesses do not speak English.

    I have been able to find information that are credible and accessible. JW.facts has been quiet helpful. Give me some suggestions as to how I can get these information in other languages to make it accessible for my friends who speak french. U guys have any idea.

  • zeb

    wing commander see pm.

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