Just woke up turn TV on to hear yet another nut case with a gun.

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  • konceptual99


    NRA calling for change. This is great news.

  • zeb

    K99. I agree.

    We have some 'professor' here calling for farmers to be denied their 30 round magazine/rifles be careful of any such stuff coming out of Australia the media make these twerps sound oh so correct. Problem is the rifles he alludes to being the AK type of thing have been banned totally in Australia sine the '80's... but never let the facts get in the way of a headline.

  • Old Navy
    Old Navy

    Quote from _Morpheus:

    i think more laws making murder illegal. The current ones dont work. Let make more.

    The Laws presently in place are adequate although the "let's make more" refrain is invariably resorted to by the lawmakers. Always sure to increase surveillance and control while diminishing more and more freedoms.

    The real "problem" is that certain personalities and agencies are literally Above the Laws. They are able to act with impunity, with arrogance and without fear. Their mission is to make to impossible possible; to create an atmosphere of intense fear for life and safety.

    Those who study The Word with sincerity are aware that this state of affairs was the subject of much prophecy. The Time has arrived.

  • Old Navy
    Old Navy


    "to make the impossible possible."

  • Island Man
    Island Man

    I have a hypothesis given the confusing nature of this case. The killer had 47 guns at the time of death but was not known to be a collector of guns before then. His relatives are confused about him having any grievances and mental issues prior to the shootings. The killer mounted his automatic gun on a tripod. He seems to be going overboard to buy and use as much deadly military hardware that the law allows. I think this is the key to understanding his motive. His actions don't seem to make sense if you think of it as a typical mass shooting. But his actions do seem to make sense if you think of it as the killer making a very deadly statement about laxed gun ownership laws in America. He's saying:

    "Look what I - anyone - can do because of the foolish, laxed laws about the right to bear arms! Look at how much assault weapons one citizen can buy while you idiots worship your constitutional right to bear arms! Look at how much people can be killed!! When will you people wake up?! Don't wake up, just keep sleeping and partying out in the open while your laws allow me to easily do this..."

    That's what I believe this was. This was a guy who was against the very laxed gun ownership laws and went off the deep end to make a deadly, extreme statement about it by carrying out an elaborate mass shooting with an overkill of guns that was completely unnecessary.

  • dropoffyourkeylee

    Still no motives mentioned in the news. Truly makes no sense. I kind of expect alternate theories to start to be aired, accomplices, impersonaters, brainwashing, etc. whatever it is, it’s bizarre. I really feel for the victims and their families.

  • Simon

    Going on a shooting spree to protest lax gun laws? That seems like a monumental stretch. The silence about him is rather deafening though - I don't believe someone can live without much trace in today's world.

    Also, where is the security footage? Vegas hotels are covered in cameras - the question of how he got guns up to the room and whether he was alone or not should be trivial to answer.

    We're not going to have nonsense conspiracy theories promoted on here though. If you persist with them Old Navy then your account WILL be deleted.

  • Simon

    As to the 2nd amendment - using it to defend gun ownership is idiotic. It is a piece of crap legacy legislation that demonstrates the inability of people from hundreds of years ago to foresee hundreds of years into the future and the technological changes.

    If anyone thinks the 2nd amendment makes sense because it's about standing up to a tyrannical government, then you are a grade A fool. Your argument only makes cohesive sense if you believe private individuals or unaccountable companies should be able to own Apache gunships or missiles. You're not going to stop the government with much less, not even some machine guns, but any argument that acknowledges there should be limits is an argument that the entirety of the amendment no longer makes sense. Give it up.

    Common sense dictates that the 2nd amendment is easy to dismiss as a legitimate legal basis for gun ownership without controls - the woods "well regulated" are in the damn text after all !

    But the US is the height of political dysfunction right now so can't achieve anything, even on common sense issues. Heck, there's an inability to agree even on things where there are clear stats for.

    If the Dems truly care and want proper gun control then they could get it tomorrow - just put one of their own sacred cows on the negotiating table such as illegal immigrants / sanctuary states. They won't because they are all talk and rhetoric but lack true principles and certainly real conviction in them.

    Politics is pantomime and they only care about how long their own run in the theatre lasts and what lucrative next role they get to play.

  • Old Navy
  • Old Navy
    Old Navy

    Quote from Simon:

    Also, where is the security footage? Vegas hotels are covered in cameras - the question of how he got guns up to the room and whether he was alone or not should be trivial to answer.

    Good question. There is extensive video which has been made available to law enforcement authorities. They are unable to say much at the moment but have stated that it is very, very unlikely that the prime suspect acted alone. Numerous witness accounts support that premise.

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