Just woke up turn TV on to hear yet another nut case with a gun.

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  • LV101

    You're right on freemindfade re/fast and furious! Hard to believe -- idiots!

  • Old Navy
    Old Navy

    The Las Vegas massacre is very suspicious on account of the time; the location and the way the crowd and venue lighting were managed as the event progressed. It bears an eerie similarity to the JFK assassination and the RFK assassination. It was no doubt orchestrated by "those in power" to achieve the long sought for "gun ban" and also to send a very clear message to Pres. Trump.

    Japan has had a gun ban for decades yet the Yakuza are able to get as many guns as they want.

    The District of Columbia has a gun ban but the criminals are able to obtain guns easily.

    When Empires reach a certain level of decline they always manage to disarm the general population and legislate away many former "freedoms" as a desperate act to preserve the status quo.

    The People will now clamor for the "changes" the government has until now been unsuccessful in bringing about. For the heartless psychopaths in power a blood sacrifice is a very useful tool to overcome opposition to their agenda.

    It has been prophesied that the final days of this age would be chaotic and bloody.

    It is beginning to look as if we've arrived.

  • Bad_Wolf

    Too late for USA to go back, but without the guns, then it would be like Europe, big trucks ramming people, acid attacks like the 458 London alone had last year, knife attacks, etc.

    I think one of the major problems are the medications prescribed that make people violent towards others when on the meds or if they miss a few doses/withdrawal. Look up violence and effexor for an example.

    Nothing is ever mentioned on the medications these shooters had been on or off of. Big Pharma paying the right people to keep that covered up.

  • zeb

    I will suggest a couple of things here as this matter is being reflected off my country, Australia.

    The minions of the media will say "there has been no mass shootings" true but there has been mass killings by arson. A back-packers hotel was burnt down by some one using fire lots of people killed. An old folks home too was burnt down ditto. But the media keep reporting the line of no mass killings. I phoned the ABC here to correct them on this and the "Ms -person" who answered the call when she realized my position couldn't get off the phone quick enough.

    In recent times the ABC have devolved into a kingdom of pink unicorn people where daisies grow and no one is ever mean or selfish and there by is another thing to consider is the media. In the aftermath of the Port Arthur murders one female (sorry ladies they are the worst at this) was on air talking about semi-automatic sniper shotguns. Oh they love the term sniper and Rambo. They used every term they could to bolster their headlines and make their air time worse than the next channel. As one local Politicians secretary told me "that Port Arthur was a feeding frenzy". The bloody media should have been kept out of it but publicity is what the powers wanted and there was no coronial inquest (HUH?) nor commission of inquiry.

    An American correspondent informed me that the killer of Sandy Hook had been on some youth medication program but once he turned 18 it stopped so he went off any medication he was on. I have a gut feeling that this plays a big part in many deaths in the US whether suicide or murder. The Australian death rate by firearm was declining when the Port Arthur events occurred possibly due to, finally, better mental health care even out in the rurals or at the time better employment prospects I don't know.

    "ABC".. I was referring to the Australian Broadcasting Commission.


    ps. Old Navy. I would like to see a further explanation of "How the lighting and the crowd were managed.".. or would I?

  • smiddy3

    I fail to understand why a country ,any country has different laws in different states .Surely it makes more sense for a nation to have uniform laws all over the country ?

    I believe their are currently 630,000 machine guns registered with the Bureau of Alcohol,Tobacco,Firearms,and Explosives,including law enforcement weapons in the country.

    In the past 18 months there have been more than 500 mass shootings in the USA in which 4 or more people have been injured or killed.

    And unless the pro and anti gun lobbies find a way to negotiate sensible reforms there will be many more deaths and injuries.

    The USA has a population roughly of 325 million people with over 300 million firearms strewn among the population .

    The future does not look good to me unless the American Government gets serious and acts on Gun Control .

  • krejames

    People keep justifying maintaining the status quo on guns by pointing at terrorist activities involving trucks and bombs in Europe.

    Are deaths from trucks and bombs in Europe equivalent to gun-related deaths in the US?

    Is there really no benefit in trying anything to reduce the numbers of deaths even if there’s no guarantee it will work?

    If in certain parts of the US it’s too easy to obtain guns is it not worth trying to make it more difficult?

    For instance someone mentioned the acid attacks that have been in the news in the UK recently, mainly perpetrated by teenagers. The government has responded by making it illegal for under 18s from purchasing acid-based household chemicals. Sure it won’t stop the ones committed to harming someone with acid (they can get an adult to buy it for them or they can presumably steal what their parents buy) but it will make it more difficult. Surely it’s worth a try? If it prevents one opportunistic acid attack isn’t it worth it? .

    I realise the latest atrocity in Las Vegas was not opportunistic but surely going back to what earlier posts have written - can there not be honest dialogue as to the causes of these kinds of atrocities in the US, what could have prevented them and a genuine commitment to trying to reduce these numbers by whatever means are found to be necessary?

  • cofty
    It was no doubt orchestrated by "those in power" to achieve the long sought for "gun ban" and also to send a very clear message to Pres. Trump - Old Navy

    It is disconcerting to encounter this degree of cynicism.

    The violent deaths of 59 people instantly becomes a plaything for conspiracy nuts. Utterly insane!

  • Xanthippe
    problems are the medications prescribed that make people violent towards others when on the meds or if they miss a few doses/withdrawal. Look up violence and effexor for an example.

    Blaming people with mental health problems for the violence in the world is too easy and insulting.

  • LV101

    Conspiracy theories are flying on the internet which is more crazy. The facts will surface, hopefully, soon.

    This was an evil nut case even to his girlfriend in front of employees at daily Starbucks stops which speaks volumes what kind of loser he was regardless of how his blood relatives portray him. The money must have compensated/offset his abusive behavior toward her but it's not like he was wiring millions!

  • _Morpheus

    “....but surely if it stops one attack its worth it!”

    "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."

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