Cart work faces headwinds.

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  • belize me
    belize me

    I am Down with the Tower- exjw, I've been doing a lot of traveling all over Europe and certain parts of the States and Canada. I must say....The JW carts are usually stationed at the most heavily trafficked areas (train stations, tourists attractions etc) WHEN I DO SEE THEM.

    One would expect to see them all over the place. But, I can say from experience that that is not the case. Even in my neck of the woods, you would be hard press to find JWs with their carts.

    I am happy to say that their cart witnessing has been, and is, an epic failure since its conception. Watchtower can care less about those poor people standing out there for hours on end counting their field service time.

    Many of the older ones have to take lawn chairs just to get through the day. TERRIBLE.

  • steve2

    I cannot recall hearing or reading about any passerby ever coming into the organization as a result of cart work. Sure, there are a few straggly "stories" about people from JW backgrounds allegedly apporahcing the carts and asking for local contact details.

    In terms of the visibility of the cart work, I go to various cities in the course of my employment and I have to say it is rare that I see JWs doing cart work. Given that I visit our capital city, Wellington, at least once a week, that is saying something. I last saw a JW literature cart in that city over 2 years ago and it primarily featured Cantonese Chinese literature.

  • Diogenesister

    The worldlies are finally realising its a cult, like scientology.

    Religious extremism is not popular.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    Cart work facing headwinds. That's God's honest truth. When you see Stuart crashing those carts in Vancouver on youtube, I guess you can call that a ''headwind'' of sorts!!!

  • lastmanstanding

    I know that in many places, the carts and the carters have been kicked out. Train and bus stations are a big no no. University and College is not allowed. And the cart work itself is a dead end. Completely useless activity from the standpoint of the GB and apostates equally.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    I was in Berlin last week and saw one cart without people taking notice of it and the same a few days before in Torun in Poland. However outside of my favourite haunt in London at the British Museum there were Chinese JWs flogging their message at a cart stand with several curious Chinese tourists. Mind you the Borg will have to work fast to go witnessing to 1.4 billion Chinese before the imminently promised Armageddon strikes most of them dead.

  • Done

    I've seen one cart this year. It was in the back seat of a car at a gas station.

  • ctrwtf

    As Sir Elton would say,

    Jesus freaks out in the streets handin' tickets out for god.


    Legal Dept:

    “Don’t annoy anyone with our “Life Saving” message. We’re taking too much heat as it is.”

    I can’t believe they aren’t rabidly defending the “Good News.”

    ( Apostle Paul in Heaven 🤦🏻‍♂️ )


  • notjustyet

    If and when the Wtbts pulls back on cart witnessing I have this hunch it’s going to be a hard time for those Jws that have gotten accustomed to those easy hours.

    Let’s see how easy they roll back into the actual door to door ministry. Hard to go back to hard work after being in the office racking it in.

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