Cart work faces headwinds.

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  • lastmanstanding

    My little Bethel bird has whispered in my ear some encouraging news.

    It has been reported to the Canadian Branch that some witnesses doing cart work had police stop them from carting in public parks. The direction sent to the southern Ontario congregations is to cease carting until further notice.

    This is no joke.

    Have a JW-free day.

  • HiddlesWife

    LMS=> I was told that in NYC and NJ, there are not many carts stationed (whether these are at street corners, parks, college campuses, etc.). However, my sources told me that they have seen JDubs doing short street work stints (holding small tracts, no tables or other devices and covertly offering these to passersby).

  • lastmanstanding


    I don’t know about elsewhere, but I trust the information I got implicitly.

    As far as NY, I was there less than two years ago and carts were all over Manhattan and in the subways. But, things are definitely changing... maybe the events pertaining to southern Ontario are not so isolated. Maybe folks have grown tired of WTS., finally.

  • Giordano

    The Cart work has always struck me as pathetic. Anti-typical of Christianity. It's something you expect a cult to do....some self serving dumb ass religion like the Moonies......or Loonies.

    JW's are one of those religions that always manage to make a fool of themselves.

    Cheap....... badly written tracks that tried to sell pie in the sky to strangers. The old 'many living today may never die' canard.

    The JW's have always been a walking embarrassment. Col-porters selling the WT books door to door. Us selling the WT and AWake or some candy colored new book door to door.

    Funky beliefs like the no blood ban, Armageddon, Paradise Earth. Hauling around portable phonographs in the 1940's so the householder could listen to Rutherford's wailing........ Once again demonstrating that the average JW could not deliver the sales pitch and once again they come to the door where, at least in most first world countries, no one is home.......... but if they are they now have their tablet and JW.Org to point to.

    What's the next step........... WTBTS drones that can circle a neighborhood looking for signs of life so they can swoop down and show the householder........... JW.ORG.

    This is the say nothing.......... do nothing........ modern JW religion.

    The cart work will probably go the way of the Christian Scientist's reading rooms.....

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    ''This is the say nothing.......... do nothing........ modern JW religion.''

    Watching the Dubs at those ''apathy'' carts, that' exactly the way it's going. Wait a second, what 'apathy' carts?

  • lastmanstanding


    Maybe they could do the ball parks with those trays.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    Kool Aid here... Get your Kool Aid.

  • Vidiot


    Back in the day, they'd have fought tooth and nail for their right to do it.

    As far as I'm concerned, showing their throat on this now just confirms my theory that the Org is worried about losing their tax exemption, because their business model is too dependent on it.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Yes Vidiot, the org is retrenching and shrinking from view.

    They used to be always at the door, now hardly ever. (The bulk of the witnessing must be just to their own children?) The carts used to be seen in all the busy parts of London—now not so much if at all in the West end. I used to look out for them to go ‘JW baiting’ but my sport is gone-- perhaps that’s why they have gone!! -- but more likely for breaches of planning and public safety.

    The Kingdom Hells are fewer in number and the main profile in the public media now is one of a nasty cult with anti-social anti-family practices—not very attractive!

    The bottom line is that as a business, which is what it's all about, you have to make progress or you die. They need the money and without new suckers to support the cult they go down the tubes. And the crunch point will be reached even sooner if they no longer remain tax exempt.

  • lastmanstanding

    The WTS is suffering everywhere except in the minds of the feeble unthinks

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