Cart work faces headwinds.

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  • sparky1

    "Kool Aid here......Get Your Kool Aid." - Beth Sarim

    'There are reports of some brothers selling their homes in order to do more in the KOOL AID - CART WORK in the remaining months of this system of things.' - Christian Life and Ministry June 2021

  • Dagney

    What will they think of next so people can count time?

  • JaniceA

    Maybe they will finally take the suggestion I gave them 40 years ago. I said they would be a lot more effective if they were in the world helping in the community rather than annoying it. Jesus raised people from the dead and fed them. He had value before he opened his mouth to preach. What do JWs do for anyone?

  • Spiral
    Vidiot: Interesting.

    Back in the day, they'd have fought tooth and nail for their right to do it.

    As far as I'm concerned, showing their throat on this now just confirms my theory that the Org is worried about losing their tax exemption, because their business model is too dependent on it.

    I agree something like that must be going on.

    Didn't we all grow up hearing (over and over again) about all the court cases the "society" had fought to protect the preaching work. So, now, they say nothing, just comply? Funny indeed.

    Last summer, especially, I would see the cart or carts all around town, in a couple of shopping squares, by the grocery store, by the drug store.... not sure if it was one cart or several, but you would see the cart. They also tried to be in the parking lot at the local farmer's market, but were asked to leave when they wouldn't pay the vendor fee.

    THIS summer I have not seen them at all. I'm thinking they got chased out of all those locations, and there's nowhere else to go.

  • stuckinarut2

    The hardly ever do the cart work in the centre of our town anymore. (it used to be right near the centre intersection where hundreds of people would pass by)

    Now they just set it up on some deserted walking / bicycle path where no one really passes by! They sit under the trees enjoying a nice day in the park!

  • sparrowdown

    It would'nt take much to vanish the JW "presence" in the area I live, two miserable little carts one manned most of the time by disabled geriatrics (no offense to the disabled or to Geri and the Atrics) in folding chairs and knee blankies.

    And the other by a 40 ish guy and his 8-10 year old kid.

    So either the local cong has no corporate witness pioneer looking types to man the carts or the corporate witness types don't want to.

  • jonahstourguide

    There have been similar situations here in Melbourne Australia. Local councils and transport centres,i.e.Rail and Bus stations have refused permission for carts on the properties they control unless permission is officially sought and appropriate insurances are in place. So far the witnesses in some areas have not sought that and are standing around without carts just holding up mags etc etc.


  • jookbeard

    that is very possibly true and I wouldn't doubt a word of it,but as an aside I did notice this week that the jw folks that man the carts in my town to have unveiled a new type of cart this week, its was'nt a cart with wheels at all but some kind of desk contraption, well it looked just as pointless as the cart and will have a similar effect.

  • careful

    After their obvious humiliation at the ARC, the GB are probably afraid of any court cases.

  • redpilltwice
    The carts used to be seen in all the busy parts of London—now not so much if at all in the West end. I used to look out for them to go ‘JW baiting’ but my sport is gone-- perhaps that’s why they have gone!! -- but more likely for breaches of planning and public safety.

    Half Banana, that was exactly my observation during my short two day trip to London recently. Being a "normal" tourist, I was mentally prepared for and looking forward to some real nice chats with JW' s but nada, not a single one, no D2D, no cart witnessing... absolutely nothing.

    And to think it was ME that was looking for them in a world capital city. I was like... WTF is going on here man...are they afraid and hiding now or something???

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